This takes playing with your food to a whole new level.

Who's going to be the one to make the tower fall? The classic stacking-pulling-toppling game just got a whole lot more delicious. 

"Food jenga" is the most fun Instagram food trend we've seen in a while. We first read about it on Daily Mail, and now we're starting to see it more and more. It's basically exactly what you think it is. People are taking all kinds of food (and we mean all kinds), and piling it up just like they would the wooden Jenga blocks. The pictures are beginning to flood Instagram with the hashtag #foodjenga. It's not just regular Instagram users anymore, either. Restaurants, bars, and even newscasters around the globe are posting pictures and videos of the game.

Check out some of our favorite #foodjenga shots:

The American sports bar chain Yard House has hopped on the bandwagon with this perfect stack of fried mac 'n cheese sticks. These may look a bit too appetizing to wait out a whole game of Jenga. Unless you lose on purpose...

Nashville's board game café, Well Played, shared this photo of an extremely impressive tower of Oreos next to the traditional game. Which is better? We vote Oreos.

Not totally sure these cookies count as #foodjenga, but boy do they look good.

This may be the prettiest #foodjenga yet. It's an easy stacking method, but the creative box cuts and mixed fruits and veggies makes for a pretty picture!

Edie V's Prime seafood restaurant chain made a very intricate pile of King Crab legs. Can you imagine this showing up to your table?!

Even this American-based Spanish language morning show is in on it. They had their own #foodjenga competition!

What do you think of the #foodjenga trend? Would you try it? Give it a shot and tag us on Instagram (@rachaelraymag) and we might regram you!