Here’s how to minimize fallout from your fave teeth-staining treats.

iced coffee
Photography by Maren Caruso/Getty Images
| Credit: Photography by Maren Caruso/Getty Images


"The darker the coffee is, the easier teeth can get stained," says Nancy Rosen, a cosmetic dentist in New York City. Coffee with more milk or cream will probably stain less. Bonus: You get some calcium in the deal.


Green tea doesn't stain teeth as much as black tea, Rosen says. She recommends using a straw so the liquid doesn't hit the front of your teeth.

Red Wine

"Red wine is even more of a stainer than coffee," Rosen says. "Wine has some acid in it, which may help it permeate enamel more." Slow staining by opting for white wine instead or doing a quick whitening treatment.


Berries are super healthy, but they're not so good for your smile. Rosen suggests drinking water after you eat berries or eating something more neutral in color like yogurt or bread to help wash away the pigment.


According to Rosen, the color of chocolate is "more dissolvable than other stainers and mostly swallowed." So nibble to your heart's content. Yay!