In Portland, you’ll find a woman stoking the flames at nearly every hot restaurant, bar, café, and bakery in town. These 100-plus women-led businesses help make the city a dining destination.
Althea Grey Potter
Althea Grey Potter, executive chef at Oui Wine Bar + Restaurant
| Credit: Courtesy of Althea Grey Potter

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Abigail Hall, 813 SW. Alder St., Jen Quist, co-owner

Amalfi's Italian Restaurant, 4703 NE. Fremont St., Kiauna Floyd, president and owner

Andina Restaurant, 1314 NW. Glisan St., Doris Rodriguez de Platt, owner

Arden Wine Bar + Kitchen, 417 NW. 10th Ave., Kelsey Glasser, co-owner

Aviary, 1733 NE. Alberta St., Sarah Pliner, owner and executive chef

Baker and Spice, 6330 SW. Capitol Hwy., Julie Richardson, owner

Bang Bang, 4727 NE. Fremont St., Kate Wood, co-owner

Bar Norman, 2615 SE. Clinton St., Dana Frank, owner

Belmont Station, 4500 SE. Stark St., Lisa Morrison, co-owner

Bison Coffeehouse, 3941 NE. Cully Blvd., Lauretta Guzman, owner and chef

Bless Your Heart Burgers, 126 SW. 2nd Ave. and 5410 NE. 33rd St., Renee Gorham, co-owner

Bullard, 813 SW. Alder St., Jen Quist, co-owner

Canopy Central, 425 NW. 9th Ave., Sara Woods, executive chef

DOC, 5519 NE. 30th Ave., Dayna McErlean, owner

Doe Donuts, 4110 NE. Sandy Blvd., Carly Sitner and Crystal Wegener, co-Owners

Dove Vivi, 2727 NE. Glisan St., Delane Blackstock, co-owner

Either/Or Café, 4003 N. Williams Ave., Ro Tam, owner

Elephants Deli, various locations, Anne Weaver, CEO and co-owner

Expatriate, 5424 NE. 30th Ave., Naomi Pomeroy, co-owner

Freeland Spirits, 2671 NW. Vaughn St., Jill Kuehler, founder and Molly Troupe, master distiller

Grand Central Baking, various locations, Gwen Basetti, founder, and Claire Randall, Piper Davis, Gillian Allen-White, and Gabrielle Moorhead, co-owners

Güero Tortas, 200 NE. 28th Ave., Megan Sanchez, owner

Harlow, 3632 SE. Hawthorne Blvd., Jackie Sappington, co-owner

Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels, various locations, Leah Orndoff, owner

Hoda's Middle Eastern Cuisine, 3401 SE. Belmont St., Hoda Khouri, owner and chef

Kachka, 960 SE. 11th Ave., Bonnie Morales, co-owner and chef

Kiosko, 1816 SW. River Dr., Lucy Alvarez, co-owner

Lovely's Fifty Fifty, 4039 N. Mississippi Ave., Sarah and Jane Minnick, co-owners

Lucca, 3449 NE. 24th Ave., Nancy Salta and Sue Davidson, co-owners

Malka, 4546 SE. Division St., Jessie Aron, owner and chef

Marigold Coffee, 2815 SE. Holgate Blvd., Joey Gleason, owner and Sarah Hall, head roaster

Mediterranean Exploration Company, 333 N. 13th Ave., Renee Gorham, co-owner

Miss Zumstein Bakery & Coffee Shop, 5027 NE. 42nd Ave., Anja Spence, owner

Milk Glass Mrkt, 2150 N. Killingsworth St., Nancye Benson, owner and chef

Mother's Bistro, 121 SW. 3rd Ave., Lisa Schroeder, owner and chef

Sarah Pliner, owner and chef at Aviary
Sarah Pliner, owner and executive chef at Aviary in Portland
| Credit: Courtesy of Sarah Pliner

Nong's Khao Man Gai, 609 SE. Ankeny St. and 417 SW. 13th Ave., Nong Poonsukwattana, owner and chef

Nonna, 5513 NE. 30th Ave., #200, Dayna McErlean, owner

Normandie, 1005 SE. Ankeny St., Heather Kintler and Amanda Cannon Winquist, co-owners

Oregon Wines on Broadway, 515 SW. Broadway, Kate Bolling, owner

Olympia Provisions, 107 SE. Washington St., Michelle Cairo, COO and co-owner

Oui Wine Bar + Restaurant, 2425 SE. 35th Pl., Kate Norris, co-owner and Althea Grey Potter, executive chef

Pastini Pastaria, 1426 NE. Broadway St., Susan Bashel and Kara Hale, co-owners

Petunia's Pies and Pastries, 610 SW. 12th Ave., Lisa Clark, co-owner and chef

Pix Patisserie/Bar Vivant, 2225 E. Burnside St., Cheryl Wakerhauser, owner and chef

Pizzicato Pizza, various locations, Tracy Frankel, co-owner

Prasad, 925 NW. Davis St., Jackie Sappington, co-owner

Prince Coffee, 4523 NE. Fremont St. and 2181 NW. Nicolai St., Katie Prinsen, owner

Proud Mary, 2012 NE. Alberta St., Shari Hirte, co-owner

P's and Q's Market, 1301 NE. Dekum St., Emily Anderson, co-owner

Quaintrelle, 3936 N. Mississippi Ave., Sandi Wilkens and Emily Everett, co-owners

Red Sauce Pizza, 4641 NE. Fremont St., Shar Dues, owner and chef

Revelry, 210 SE. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., Rachel Yang, co-owner and chef

Salt and Straw, various locations, Kim Malek, CEO, founder, and co-owner

Sammich, 2137 E. Burnside St., Melissa McMillan, owner and chef

Saraveza, 1004 N. Killingsworth St., Sarah Pederson, owner

Shalom Y'all, 117 SE. Taylor St. #101, Renee Gorham, co-owner

Southeast Wine Collective, 2425 SE. 35th Pl., Kate Norris, co-owner

Suzette Creperie & Bar, 3342 SE. Belmont St., Jehnee Rains, owner and chef

Sweedeedee, 5202 N. Albina Ave., Eloise Augustyn, owner

Tabor Bread, 3272 and 5051 SE. Hawthorne Blvd., Tissa Stein, owner

Taco Pedaler, 2225 NE. Broadway St., Melanie McClure, owner

Tasty N Alder, 580 SW. 12th Ave., Renee Gorham, co-owner

Tasty N Daughters, 4537 SE. Division St., Renee Gorham, co-owner

Tea Bar, various locations, Erica Swanson, owner

Tiffin Asha, 1670 NE. Killingsworth St., Elizabeth Golay and Sheila Bommakanti, co-owners

Toro Bravo, 120 NE. Russell St., Renee Gorham, co-owner

Mirna Attar, owner and chef at World Foods
Mirna Attar, owner and chef at Ya Hala in Portland
| Credit: Courtesy of Mirna Attar

Vivienne Kitchen & Pantry, 4128 NE. Sandy Blvd., Robin Wheelright, owner and chef

The Whole Bowl, various locations, Tali Ovadia, owner

Xico, 3715 SE. Division St. and 1668 NW. 23rd St., Liz Davis, owner

Yakuza Lounge, 5411 NE. 30th Ave. #100, Dayna McErlean, owner

Yonder, 4636 NE. 42nd Ave., Maya Lovelace, owner and chef

Zilla Sake, 1806 NE. Alberta St., Kate Koo, co-owner and chef

Closed temporarily

Aalto Lounge, 3356 SE. Belmont St., Kate Wood, owner

Ataula, 1818 NW. 23rd Pl., Cristina Baez, co-owner

Bakeshop, 5351 NE. Sandy Blvd., Kim Boyce, owner and head baker

Beast, 5425 NE. 30th Ave., Naomi Pomeroy, owner and executive chef

Besaw's, 1545 NW. 21st Ave., Cana Flug, owner

Bistro Agnes, 527 SW. 12th Ave., Gabrielle Quiñónez-Denton, co-owner and chef

Blue Star Donuts, various locations, Katie Poppe, owner and founder

Bollywood Theater, 3010 SE. Division St. and 2039 NE. Alberta St., Caroline Crawley and Whitney Westling

Case Study Coffee, various locations, Christine Herman-Russell, owner and head roaster

Castagna Restaurant, 1752 SE. Hawthorne Blvd., Monique Siu, owner

Chin's Kitchen, 4126 NE. Broadway St., Cindy Li, co-owner and chef, and Wendy Li, co-owner and manager

Coquine, 6839 SE. Belmont St., Katy Millard, owner and chef

The Crown, 410 SW. Broadway, Kimberly Paley, co-owner

The Country Cat, 7937 SE. Stark St., Jackie Sappington, co-owner and chef

Dar Salam, 320 SW. Alder St. and 2921 NE. Alberta St., Tiffany Sahib, co-owner

Delicious Donuts, 12 SE. Grand Ave., Penny Nguyen, co-owner

East Glisan Pizza Lounge, 8001 NE. Glisan St., Kristen Martha Brown, owner

Eb and Bean, various locations, Elizabeth Nathan, owner

Eleni's Philoxenia, 112 NW. 9th Ave., Eleni Touhouliotis, owner and chef

Enoteca Nostrana, 1401 SE. Morrison St. #105, Cathy Whims, owner and chef

Farina Bakery, 1852 SE. Hawthorne Blvd., Laura Farina, owner and baker

Fireside, 801 NW. 23rd Ave., Wendy Hessel and Sue Erickson, co-owners

Gado Gado, 1801 NE. 39th Ave., Mariah Pisha-Duffly, co-owner

Gluten-Free GEM, 140 NE. Broadway St., Anne Miller, owner

Guilder Coffee, 2393 NE. Fremont St., Caryn Nelson, co-owner

Han Oak, 511 NE. 24th Ave., Sun Young Park, co-owner

Headwaters, 1001 SW. Broadway, Kimberly Paley, co-owner

Heim Bakery and Café, 7137 NE. Fremont St., Jennifer Plitzko, owner and chef

Kim Malek, CEO and co-founder at Salt & Straw
Kim Malek, CEO, founder, and co-owner at Salt and Straw in Portland
| Credit: Courtesy of Kim Malek

Imperial Restaurant, 410 SW. Broadway, Kimberly Paley, co-owner

Irving Street Kitchen, 701 NW. 13th Ave., Sarah Schafer, co-owner and executive chef

Kargi Gogo, 3039 NE. Alberta St., McKinze Cook, co-owner

Lauretta Jean's, 3402 SE. Division St., Kate McMillen, owner

Maurice, 921 SW. Oak St., Kristen Murray, owner and chef

Noble Rot, 1111 E. Burnside St., 4th Floor, Courtney Storrs and Kimberly Bernosky, co-owners

Nodoguro, 2832 SE. Belmont St., Elena Roadhouse, co-owner

Nola Donuts, 110 NW. 10th Ave., Connie DeMerell, co-owner

Nostrana, 1401 SE. Morrison St. #101, Cathy Whims, owner and chef

Ok Omens, 1758 SE. Hawthorne Blvd., Monique Siu, owner

Oui Presse, 1740 SE. Hawthorne Blvd., Shawna McKeown, owner and chef

Oven and Shaker, 1134 NW. Everett St., Cathy Whims, owner and chef

Ox, 2225 NE. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., Gabrielle Quiñónez-Denton, co-owner and chef

Paley's Place, 1204 NW. 21st Ave., Kimberly Paley, co-owner

Park Avenue Fine Wines, 626 SW. Park Ave., Stacey Gibson, partner and bar manager

Q Restaurant, 828 SW. 2nd Ave., Annie Cuggino, executive chef

Revolucion Coffee House, 1432 SW. 6th Ave., Maria Garcia, owner and chef

Rocio's, 2850 SE. Gladstone St., Rocio Meza, owner

Rosa Rosa, 750 SW. Alder St., Kimberly Paley, co-owner

Rose VL, 6424 SE. Powell Blvd., Ha "Christina" Luu, co-owner and chef

Ruby Jewel, various locations, Lisa Herlinger-Esco, founder and co-owner, and Becky Burnett, co-owner

Shift Drinks, 1200 SW. Morrison St., Anne Garcia, co-owner and chef, and Alise Moffatt, co-owner and bartender

Shizuku, 1237 SW. Jefferson St., Naoko Tamura, owner and chef

Slappy Cakes, 4246 SE. Belmont St., Ashley Berry, owner

The Solo Club, 2110 NW. Raleigh St., Cana Flug, owner

Stella Taco, 2940 NE. Alberta St. and 3060 SE. Division, Becky Atkins, co-owner

Tournant, 920 NE. Glisan St., Mona Johnson, co-owner

What's the Scoop?, 3540 N. Williams Ave. and 0664 SW. Gaines St., Jodie Ostrovsky, owner

Wonderly, 4727 NE. Fremont St., Kate Wood, co-owner

Ya Hala, 8005 SE. Stark St., Mirna Attar, owner and chef