We catch up with a runner-up in our Feed It Forward food-charity contest: Anne Burns of Vets Chat and Chew, an amazing nonprofit that brings veterans together while they cook.
vets chat and chew
Courtesy of the Vets Chat & Chew Facebook Page
| Credit: Courtesy of the Vets Chat & Chew Facebook Page

What was the inspiration behind Vets Chat and Chew?

"We created Vets Chat and Chew to improve the health of veterans, active military, and their families through better nutrition, networking opportunities, and community building. Study after study shows that a healthy diet is a ticket to a healthy life. These brave members of society deserve the chance to feel good."

How has the Feed It Forward contest affected your work?

"We have a waiting list of hundreds of veterans who would like to participate in the program. With the $1,000 award, we were able to fully fund a program in Metuchen, New Jersey. It's crucial that our organization be able to train people to help veterans and active military all over the state."

How do you see Vets Chat and Chew growing in the future?

"We've been asked to do programs for children in the military community, which we'd like to offer on a regular basis. Children from military families are more likely to join the military themselves, and having a good nutritional education from a young age will help ensure a fitter force in the future."