Italian Week

artichoke & sausage pizza

Italian Sausage Recipes

Sweet or spicy, Italian sausage works with everything from soup and sandwiches to pizza and pasta!

Carbonara-Style Pasta, Hold the Yolks

Best Spaghetti Recipes

Amp up your marinara, carbonara, and aglio e olio game with some of our all-time favorite spaghetti recipes.

italian chopped salad with fennel and mortadella 1018

Italian Chopped Salad

It's everything you love about an Italian Combo in salad form.

goat cheese with port glazed figs 1018

Got Fresh Figs? Make Goat Cheese with Prosciutto & Port-Glazed Figs

This sophisticated sweet & savory app makes the most of fresh fig season (right now!)

italian baked eggs eggplant tomato 1018

Make Italian Baked Eggs Your Go-To Brunch Recipe

Pancetta, eggplant, marinara, basil... what a way to wake up!

balsamic onion pizza 1018

Balsamic Onion & Potato Pizza

Slice the potatoes super thinly for an irresistible pizza topping.

pork chops sweet figs 1018

Pork Chops with Sweet & Sour Figs

Make this easy weeknight dinner a new family favorite.

spiced olives

3 Italian Snacks You Can Make In Your Microwave

Thanks to your microwave, these snacks come together in about the same time it takes to make an Aperol spritz.

shrimp cherry tomato puttanesca 1018

Easy Puttanesca with Shrimp & Cherry Tomatoes

Want to make this dish even speedier? See below for a quick cherry-tomato cutting hack.

italian g and t 1018

Toast the Weekend with This Italian Gin & Tonic

When life gives you limoncello, drink it!

chicken parm with blistered tomato sauce 1018

What's For Dinner? Chicken Parm with Cherry-Tomato Sauce

You've never had chicken parmesan quite like this before.

almond pine nut cookies 1018

Whip Up a Batch of Almond & Pine Nut Cookies

These cookies work for any occasion.

Sheet-Pan Chicken Thighs with Peppadew Peppers

6 Easy Italian Dinners Al Forno

Al forno means 'from the oven,' and these recipes are the easiest way to bake, roast, or broil your way to a toast, tasty Italian dinner.

focaccia breakfast sandwiches 1018

Focaccia Breakfast Sandwiches

It doesn't get more Italian-American than this!

roasted artichoke hearts with lemon and garlic 1018

This Is Our Favorite Thing to Do with Artichoke Hearts

We can't get enough roasted veggies in cooler weather.

Spinach-Stuffed Shells with Gremolata

Easy Stuffed Shells with Spinach & Gremolata

Perfect for a potluck or an easy Italian night with the fam, these stuffed shells are always a crowd-pleaser.

tuna white bean crostini

Tuna & White Bean Crostini

This protein-packed crostini app will keep your guests satisfied 'til dinner.

Sausage, Pepper & White Bean Skillet Dinner

Make This Sausage Skillet Dinner for Supper Tonight

This skillet dinner is about to become one of your new go-tos.

Sheet-Pan Chicken Thighs with Peppadew Peppers

Make Your Whole Chicken Dinner on One Sheet Pan

You can never have too many easy sheet-pan suppers in rotation.

Roasted Cod with Zucchini, Fennel & Onion

Roasted Cod with Zucchini Is What's For Dinner Tonight

Freshen up your dinner routine with this light and bright skillet supper.

anchovy and lemon garlic bread

This Is the Most Flavor-Packed Garlic Bread Ever

Dial the flavor up to 11 with anchovies, lemon juice, and plenty of garlic.

pasta with mussels and vodka cream sauce

Our Best Bow-Tie Pasta Recipes

Is it farfalle? Or is it bowtie pasta? Who cares when it tastes this good!

Davines The Quick Fix Circle Hair Mask

The Italian-Girl Beauty Rules You Need to Know

Here’s how to bring a little Italy to your own beauty routine.

sicilain pistachios

What's So Special About Sicilian Pistachios?

Rach is nuts for purple Sicilian pistachios. Here's what makes them so special.

Eggplant Parm Boats

The Easiest Way to Make Eggplant Parm

Roast whole eggplants in the oven, then slice them lengthwise and fill with delicious parm ingredients like marinara, mozz, and fresh basil.

red wine spaghetti

Taste the Trend: Red Wine Spaghetti

We’ve seen recipes for it all over the Internet, so we decided to give it a try—with our own spin.

Cure-a-Cold Spring Chicken Soup

Fight Cold Season with Remedies from Italian Nonnas

Prep for winter with these flu-season tips from the real-world grandmas over at Enoteca Maria (, an Italian restaurant on Staten Island, New York, famous for inviting foreign-born seniors to take over its kitchen.

Cacio e Pepe Mac 'n' Cheese with Chard

Rachael Ray's Italian-American 30-Minute Meals

These dishes perfectly represent who I am: an Italian American from upstate New York.

Baked Gnocchi Mac & Peas

Baked Gnocchi Mac & Cheese Is the Ultimate Comfort Food

Marry two Italian comfort-food classics to make this delicious gnocchi-mac mashup.

amaro liqueur bottles

5 Italian Amaros You Should Be Drinking

The bittersweet liqueur that old Italian men have been sipping for ages is seeing a renaissance at trendy restaurants around the country.

creamy spaghetti carbonara with spring onions

The Do's and Don'ts of Italian Etiquette

These mealtime etiquette tips will take you from turista to true Italiano.

Rachael Ray's Creamy Three-Meat Ragu with Burrata & Pappardelle

Rachael Ray's Creamy Three-Meat Ragu with Burrata & Pappardelle

Need a long night's rest? Make this ragu for dinner.

red sauce in pan with wooden spoon

5 Store-Bought Marinara Sauces That Might Be Better Than Homemade

Our staffers put 25 marinaras to the test to find the supermarket jars that are almost as good as homemade.

nduja bread with salami

What Is 'Nduja?

And how the heck do you pronounce it?

seafood and fennel cioppino in white bowl

5 Italian Soups to Make for Supper

Prepare to be bowled over by these Italian soups

music notes illustration

That's Amore! Listen to Our Italian-American Themed Playlist

Inspired by classic Scorsese movies, your favorite Italian restaurant and what Nonna listened to, this collection of songs will help you get into the #ItalianEveryDay mood.

rigatoni with bacon, onion, and balsamic vinegar

How to Choose the Best Sauce for Each Pasta Shape

What's good for rigatoni doesn't work for tortellini.

Tomato Soup with Polenta

Rach's Hearty Tomato Soup Is Just What You Need Right Now

Sorry, grilled cheese. Quick-cooking polenta is tomato soup's new BFF.

sun-dried tomato garlic bread with fresh basil

Sun-Dried Tomato Garlic Bread

Use red pesto to amp up your garlic bread!

Rachael Ray's Porchetta-Style Ragu

Rachael's Quick & Easy Porchetta-Style Ragu

This ragu is a fun and fairly fast fix if you're in the mood for porchetta on the fly.

9th street italian market philadelphia

Get a Little Taste of Italy in Old-School Philadelphia

Once a destination for Italian immigrants, Philly has a lot to offer lovers of il bel paese (the beautiful country—Italy, of course!)

tortellini en brodo with mushrooms in grey bowl

The Best Thing to Do with Store-Bought Tortellini

In Italian, brodo means “broth.” Here, the broth is an umami-packed mixture of mushrooms, celery root, wine, chicken stock, and one of our favorite secret ingredients: Parmesan rind.

Rachael Ray's Lamb & Pine Nut Ragu with Egg Pasta

Rachael's Egg Pasta with Lamb & Pine Nut Ragu

Allspice and cumin are not common in Italian recipes, but with lamb and eggplant (both essential ingredients in Palestinian, Israeli, Syrian, and Turkish cooking), these flavors are—at least to this Italian—becoming essential.

ariel view coffee and saucer on tray table

How to Order Coffee Like an Italian

Italians aren’t playing when it comes to coffee.

flattening out pasta with pasta machine

The Best Pasta Machines, According to our Test Kitchen

Is making fresh pasta harder than dumping a box of the dried stuff in a pot of boiling water? Yes. Are those silky, insanely delicious noodles worth it? One hundred percent. These are our favorite machines for getting the job done.


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