"When I drink this and close my eyes (and squeeze them really tight), I can almost imagine I'm in a spa. This new flavor is super refreshing, with a natural flavor that is sometimes hard to capture in a can of sparkling water. I'll definitely be drinking this throughout the summer, and, it will most likely (sadly) be the closest I'll be getting to a spa!"—Tara Holland, assistant food editor


"I've never been a huge flavored water person, but these fruity bubbles in Mediterranean flavors were light and subtle enough to keep even me going back for more! Lemon zest was my favorite—it transported me poolside on a summer day."—Kelsie Schrader, editorial assistant


"Sometimes the flavor in seltzer water is a little too subtle for my taste, so I love how the melon flavor pops in this drink. And because it's CBD-infused, it's perfect for chilling out at a barbecue if you don't want to drink alcohol."—Hillary Maglin, editorial intern


"The main reason I never buy seltzer is because it's SO bulky. I live in the city, without a car, and no reusable bag is gonna carry all the bubbly I guzzle in a week. delivers all the best classic flavors to my door!"—Aliza Gans, associate food editor

Poland Spring White Peach Ginger

"I'm digging this sparkling water in white peach and ginger, two flavors I never would have thought to combine but super glad Poland Spring did!"—Princess Gabbara, associate digital editor


"LaCroix lime is my favorite flavor. It's crisp, refreshing, and makes for an easy mixer with vodka for summer parties."—Danielle Blundell, lifestyle director