Three fancy-pants bunnies from across the country that will make any basket better.


Ever since I was little, I've had a thing for rabbits. I had a pet rabbit (RIP Rosita), decorated my room with rabbits (with slate blue accents and dusty rose bows…don't judge, it was the late 80s), and even spent hours in my backyard sitting very still in an effort to befriend a wild rabbit that called our neighborhood home (I called him Peter. Duh.). Now that I'm a grown-up living in New York, having a pet rabbit isn't in the cards, but come Easter I can get my fill of the candy kind. And this year, there are some seriously amazing options. I'd be thrilled if any of these beauties showed up in my basket.

LA: Go Modern

Credit: Courtesy of Milla Chocolates

These bunnies from Milla Chocolates are ready for their close-up! The faceted geometric pattern and cool sideways-glancing posture sets them apart from your garden-variety chocolate rabbits. These beauties come in a set of two: One's filled with pistachio praline and caramelized pistachio nibs; the other has organic black sesame seed caramel inside. All of that goodness is covered in organic dark chocolate.

Montana: Go Classic

Credit: Courtesy of Goldbelly

I'm partial to chocolate, but who could resist these charming cookies from Bozeman-based Elle's Belle's? I love the retro, Beatrix Potter-style Peter Rabbit. The cute, hand painted fellow comes with adorable speckled eggs and a carrot (of course). And if you can bear to eat these, they're almond cookies with cream cheese frosting.

NYC: Go Big

Credit: Courtesy of Jacques Torres

Celebrity chef Jacques Torres is known as Mr. Chocolate, and for good reason. He had a TV show dedicated to chocolate, he's written cookbooks about chocolate, he's won awards for his chocolate, he has seven chocolate stores in New York and a 40,000-square foot chocolate factory in Brooklyn, and also opened the first chocolate museum in New York City. And now, he also makes a 15-inch tall chocolate bunny painted with colors inspired by Brooklyn brownstones. You'll have to hop to New York to lug this one home, but the look on your kid's face on Easter morning just might be worth it. (If you can't get to NYC, Jacques sells tons of other amazing Easter treats that can be shipped.)