On my honor, I will try to drink as much cookie coffee as possible before it's gone.

When you think of pairing coffee with something sweet, your mind probably goes to donuts. It's a classic breakfast combo, made popular by policeman jokes, office break rooms nationwide, and, of course, the chain previously known as Dunkin' Donuts. In recent years, however, Dunkin' has moved away from this tried-and-true pairing. In early 2019, the brand sliced its name like a perfectly cut bagel (which are on the menu), and now, to kick off 2020, Dunkin' is giving us a new dream team: coffee and cookies.

Although the brand received backlash after the announcement that "donuts" would be dropped from the name, Dunkin' is clearly marching forward without as much as a glance back. The company is partnering with Girl Scouts to re-release two limited-edition coffee flavors that first debuted in 2018—Thin Mint and Coconut Caramel. That's right: coffee that tastes like everyone's favorite cookies. 


Samoas/Caramel DeLites and Thin Mints are obviously the best two Girl Scout Cookie options (sorry, Trefoils, but there's just no competition). It's no surprise, then, that Dunkin' chose to morph these two fantastic flavors into coffee drinks. Both cookie flavors will be available as your standard hot and iced coffee as well as cold brew, frozen coffee, frozen chocolate, and espresso. There are lots of options, but don't worry. You'll have time to try both flavors in all their caffeinated forms. The drinks will be at participating locations starting January 1 and remain there throughout the Girl Scout Cookie season (aka the beginning of spring).

Whether you wake up on New Year's Day with a massive hangover or a massive sweet tooth, it's the perfect excuse to hit up Dunkin' for a taste. While you're at it, pick up a box (or four) of Girl Scout Cookies to complete the pairing. Dunkin' is making it easier to get your cookie fix by encouraging Girl Scouts salespeople to set up camp in front of their local Dunkin' location. It's a one-stop shop for all your cookie and coffee needs! The resolutions can wait until January 2.