The limited-edition Summer Coffee Pale Ale definitely won't last long!

Harpoon Brewery
| Credit: Harpoon Brewery

Hey, coffee and beer enthusiasts! You'll never have to choose between downing an iced coffee or cold beer again, thanks to Dunkin' and Boston-based Harpoon Brewery's newest collaboration.

Inspired by the chain's beloved Original Blend iced coffee, Dunkin' and Harpoon are teaming up again—their first collab was last October—to introduce a new, limited-edition coffee-inspired beer: Harpoon Dunkin' Summer Coffee Pale Ale. 

Basically, it's coffee and beer all in one, and it arrives just in time for summer. The 12-ounce cans, which contain 5-percent ABV, are now available at select retail locations, and they pair well with coffee-rubbed brisket, chipotle chicken tacos, and other summer favorites, according to Dunkin'.

"The classic tastes of Dunkin' coffee and Harpoon craft beer make for such an irresistible combination, it was inevitable we'd collaborate again," said Dunkin' U.S. chief marketing officer Tony Weisman in a press release.

"I just depleted the last of my private stash of Harpoon Dunkin' Coffee Porter the other day, so, selfishly, the timing on this launch couldn't be better," added Harpoon's cofounder and CEO Dan Kenary. "We ended last year's baseball season with the intro of Harpoon Dunkin' Coffee Porter, and we're excited to begin this season with the release of our Summer Coffee Pale Ale. Most importantly, it's a delicious beer—hoppy and vibrant with a nice coffee character."

The refreshing buzz is sure to quench your thirst through allll those summer pool parties, brunch-y get-togethers, and barbecues. Drink on!