Time to fire up the Walkman and put on way too much eyeliner.

Nineties kids, picture this. You're in elementary school. Social media has yet to come into existence. You've maybe got one computer in your house, and it's the size and weight of a small boulder. You walk through the door after a long day of math equations that never get any easier. The sun streaks through the windows as you kick off your platform shoes and drop your Jansport on the ground. Then, you notice something neon blue in the corner of the pantry.

That's right—Mom and Dad bought Dunkaroos.

You forget everything else—homework, the half-eaten sandwich in your bag, that form your guardian needs to sign—and rush for the box. You're halfway through it, gorging on graham crackers and that sweet, sweet confetti frosting before your parent finds you and warns you not to lose your appetite for dinner. Whatever, Dad.

Anyone who enjoyed Dunkaroos in the 90s and early aughts knows how great a tragedy it was when they disappeared from shelves in 2012. Since then, Dunkaroos have only been available to the lucky folks in Canada. For years, die-hard fans speculated that the sugary treat would soon make its U.S. comeback. Now, finally, the snack gods have listened.

General Mills shared the earth-shattering news in a blog post on Monday to the cheers of nostalgic people everywhere. Dunkaroos will be relaunching in, objectively, the best flavor: vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles!


First introduced in 1992, Dunkaroos quickly became a staple snack for many a 90s kid. Both vanilla and chocolate frosting options were popular, leading the brand to introduce the now-iconic rainbow sprinkles flavor. Aside from this champion, there apparently also existed peanut butter, chocolate chip, and cinnamon varieties. Clearly, though, those did not capture peoples' hearts.

Everything is spectacular, except one small detail. Where the heck is the adorable kangaroo mascot that once graced Dunkaroos boxes? The new box does not appear to feature the Aussie friend. I'm a little disappointed. But I suppose a lifetime supply of Dunkaroos and/or a guarantee that they will never again leave shelves is enough to make me forget about that little detail.

Although there is no specific release date, the official Dunkaroos Instagram confirmed that the return will happen in summer 2020—which suddenly seems soooo far away. In the meantime, I'm off to buy 17 flannels and a pair of moon shoes. TTYL.