The actress, and host of The Drew Barrymore Show, is all about sprucing up your favorite backyard spot more sustainably with lawn care that's better for your family, your pets, and the Earth.


Hello, First Day of Spring! Temperatures are climbing, daylight lingers a little longer, and we're eager to begin gathering lawn-side this season. As our outdoor spaces became extensions of our living rooms over the past year, yours may be due for a little TLC while prepping for upcoming months of backyard cookouts, spritz-y pitchers of porch cocktails, and warm nights that require ice cream. In Season chatted over the phone with Drew Barrymore about her favorite way to keep lawn care sustainable as we head into the warmer months ahead.  

The actress, talk show host, and longtime pal to our gal Rach is all about giving your lawn a boost in the greenest way possible. "I am such a sunny weather person. I grew up in California, where you can be in mountains, the forest, or the desert all within minutes. I am definitely a nature girl," says Drew, who found herself spending more time than ever outdoors with her two girls when the typical pace of her New York City life slowed. Believe it or not, she's even been honing her green thumb in their new backyard garden.

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"Gardening was always a lifelong dream—but I didn't have green thumbs, and I didn't know where to get started. The parts of our lives put on hold for lockdown enabled time for me to really devote to my garden," she tells RRIS. "I felt so lucky to be able to have a lawn, and a little space outside this year."

Drew is a longtime advocate of sustainable home swaps. "I care so much about making better food choices and going pesticide-free, so why not show our lawn the same love?" she tells RRIS. "So many things are happening that feel not within our control, and a great place to start is with something that is within our control."

To help make Earth-friendly picks even more of a no-brainer, she's joined forces with sustainable lawn care company instead as Co-Chief Creative Officer. Instead is committed to lawn care you can feel good about, with hard-to-mess-up, natural fertilizers delivered to your doorstep (in 100% recyclable shippers, of course!). Refillable packs arrive seasonally, freeing up home storage space and cutting the guesswork as to what your lawn is craving most with the season. "It's like an acai bowl for your lawn!" says Drew.

"I love the promise. I love the packaging. I love the delivery service. I love that we can truly hold our head up high and not be worried about the ingredients. I wish this happened decades ago, but it's here now," she says. "This should be the new norm."