The delivery service is encouraging diversity one meal at a time.


On February 22, 2020, the United States saw an update to the travel ban; in addition to restricting immigrants from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen, among other countries, the ban has now expanded to include Burma, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, and Nigeria, as well as green card lotteries from Sudan and Tanzania.

DoorDash wants to highlight the positives of diversity—using food. Through Friday, February 28, the delivery company is waiving delivery and service fees on any order from one of the nearly 500 businesses participating in its Kitchens Without Borders group. These restaurants are all immigrant-owned and in many cases serve a taste of the countries restricted by the travel ban. This wide range of cuisines—from Nigerian to Syrian to Venezuelan—make up the multifaceted culinary identity of the United States.


DoorDash's Kitchens Without Borders program champions immigrants and refugees by helping hungry customers to find their diverse menus more easily. The company gives these restaurants a prime in-app placement, boosting their visibility and opportunities.

Highlighted businesses include San Francisco-based D'Maize, a restaurant which serves up classic Salvadoran dishes—like the pork and cheese pupusa (above)—that executive chef Luis Estrada learned from his mom. There's also Little Green Cyclo, a Vietnamese restaurant in Brisbane, CA, that focuses on fresh, ethical ingredients. That's just a taste of the Kitchens Without Borders selection—but there are many, many more delicious options.

This week's discounts are just another way DoorDash is hoping to support immigrant-driven businesses. All customers need to do is search 'KWB' in the app and they'll be presented with a selection of the tastiest cuisines from all over the world. Snag that free delivery till Friday—but the food will be so good, you'll probably keep coming back for more even when the promotion ends.