We won't sugar-coat it—this bright blue dip looks delish.

Summer may be over, but true dessert fans know that ice cream season never truly ends. Just ask Dairy Queen—the chain is constantly serving up some of the tastiest frozen treats known to humankind. Their iconic and creamy vanilla, chocolate, or swirl cone dipped in a hard chocolate shell is essentially a national treasure because of its simplicity. DQ clearly doesn't want to be pigeonholed into basic black and white, though, because there have been sightings of a unicorn: the cotton candy-dipped cone.

Blizzards never disappoint when it comes to flavor and texture, and Dilly Bars (with the trademark curl!) ruled many a childhood summer day. But colorful dipped cones are an underrated classic. Loved by everyone everywhere before its untimely demise, the long-mourned, bright red cherry-dipped cone is rumored to still be available in certain locations and even has a Facebook appreciation group. The golden butterscotch-dipped cone is making a comeback for fall. An orange dreamsicle-dipped cone dropped this past spring, garnering massive amounts of praise for the sweet stuff.

Now, DQ has topped itself once again—before even officially releasing the turquoise treat. Earlier this month, a handful of Canada-based Instagram users posted pictures to promote a blizzard BOGO deal going on in Ontario. The neon cotton candy cone stole the show, however. Frozen dessert fans everywhere started asking where to find the treat—to no avail, though, as it appears DQ is simply testing the waters and staying tight-lipped in the meantime. So, sadly, there's no telling when the rest of us might score a taste of the spun sugar confection.

Based off Dairy Queen's previous track record of mouth-watering flavor innovation, though—currently drooling over the snickerdoodle cookie dough blizzard—we can only assume that the cotton candy dip will be equally as delicious. A carnival treat made out of sugar, morphed into a candy shell, and combined with DQ's signature vanilla ice cream? It can't possibly go wrong.

So keep an eye out, because cotton candy-dipped blizzards are hopefully coming soon to a Dairy Queen near you—and you'll be screaming for ice cream before you know it.