Whether you're spending this Easter with your bored teen, fellow roomie, or food-loving quarantine partner, we've got a gift basket you can make for them without leaving home.

For teens

Chances are there's a teen in your life who is very bored right now and very over lots of family hang time. Give that quaranteen a pick-me-up with some tasty treats and a fun project to keep 'em occupied and happy (at least for a few hours).

Pom Pom Bin

Get creative with your "basket" choice. This bin works as the perfect Easter vessel and doubles as functional room décor afterwards. Plus, who doesn't love a pom pom?! 


Easter Bunny Mini Crackers

Just a reminder: There are other holidays that merit popping open a cracker besides Christmas! These mini Easter bunny versions (filled with confetti, temporary tattoos, and a joke) are pretty dang cute and will cheer up even the grumpiest of teens. 

$20 for 6, swoozies.com


Fruity Fruity Bang Bang Popcorn

Fruit and popcorn are combined into one rainbow-colored snack that your teen can horde in their room and enjoy alone (plus, it makes great Insta-fodder). For those with a little less technicolored tastes, Double Good also makes upgraded versions of the classics, like Butter Believe It and My Main Cheese. 

Starting at $22, doublegood.com


Customized Tile Bead Bracelet Kit

That's right, friendship bracelets are cool again—at least the kind with colorful enamel tile beads on stretchy string. Give your teen a gift card so they can choose their own colors and letters or, if you're feeling brave, go forth and pick for them. 


Ombre Ear Buds

To help drown out their siblings (or parents...) and give them the solace they so want but may currently not have, give your teen a new set of ear buds in pretty, springy pastels. 

For your quarantine partner

You've been stuck with either a romantic partner or a roommate for going on a month now. Thank them—for being a pal, being patient, having all the spontaneous dance parties, working on that god-awful puzzle for hours, sharing their black beans—with some drinks and fun activities to keep you (both) sane. 


Mint Green Cooler

Give your quarantine partner something they'll actually use instead of an Easter basket. This cute mini cooler works perfectly now (for sitting in an outdoor space or fire escape on a nowhere-to-go-Saturday) and later (for beach and park gatherings when you're allowed to be in groups again). Tuck some beers and/or seltzers in around the other gifts in lieu of eggs and you're set! 


Djeco Gallery Puzzle

Take it from us: Those gradient puzzles are pretty and minimalist and *cool* but also… very frustrating to put together. Get your partner something a little more rewarding to work on with one of these fun artist-designed puzzles. They're a bit easier to piece together, and they make pretty wall decór once complete. 


Chocolate Cocktails Box

Infused with classic cocktails that'll make you feel like you're at the beach and not your living room—think margarita and mojito flavors—these liquor-infused treats are the grown-up version of a chocolate egg. 


Baby Foot

Equal parts gross and satisfying, this at-home foot peel has a cult following. That's because it works really, really well at getting all that gross dead skin off your feet. This is undoubtably the best time to do said gross process because no one will be seeing your feet for a while. In a couple weeks, you'll be sandal-ready, even if you're only wearing sandals on your walk to the backyard.



This super-addictive strategy game will suck you and your roomie in for hours. Your goal is to decorate the walls of a royal palace (harder than it sounds), so it's great for the aesthetically minded. Best of all, it can be played with just two people! Consider it a screen-free alternative to your hours-long Animal Crossing sessions. We promise there will still be lots of fish to catch in a couple of days.

For the food lover

They've made all the banana bread and probably started a sourdough starter (then killed it, then started again). Help re-inspire the cook in your life with this tasty assortment of goodies.


Speckled Colander

Instead of a traditional Easter basket, put the gifts in this pretty strainer. Sure, it's great for all that pasta they're making, but it's also sturdy enough for making spaetzle (just push the dough through the little holes into boiling water like we did in this recipe) and cute enough to keep out on the counter as a fruit basket.


Harissa with Preserved Lemon

This just-hot-enough chile paste gets a little lift from the lemon, comes in a pretty jar, and is a great way to wake up almost anything they're cooking. Sound dramatic? Mix some with a little olive oil and rub on chicken before roasting, toss with carrots before or after cooking, stir into pizza sauce for a little kick, whisk a bit into bloody Mary mix, use as a scrambled egg topper. See what we mean?!?!

$15.95, nyshuk.com


Fine Himalayan Pink Salt

It's Easter, so why not lean into the pastel thing, right? This salt is pretty and tasty, and chances are that if the food-lover in your life has Himalayan salt it's the coarse kind, which makes it hard to control the seasoning. This finer grind is a little more versatile. Pro move: Sprinkle some on those hard-boiled eggs.

Starting at $5.99, thespicehouse.com


GIR Spatula

A cult favorite among cooks (no, really), this streamlined spatula is strong yet flexible, made of pharmaceutical-grade silicone, and heat proof to 464°. Still not convinced? It comes in four sizes and 16 different colors. You should probably buy more than one.

Starting at $7.95, gir.co


Big-Eared Chocolate Bunny

Two pounds of fancy-pants chocolate from Los Angeles chocolate shop Compartes in the shape of a cute bunny that also happens to be painted with edible 24-carat gold. This is definitely the stuff of Easter dreams!