And now Sam's Club is beefing up the club competition by adding it to their menu.


Loyal, hot dog-loving Costco shoppers are furious over Costco's recent decision to cut the Polish Dog from its foodcourt menu. The warehouse club is getting rid of the iconic relish-and-onion-topped dog to make room for healthier options, such as açaí bowls and plant-based salads. Customers argue that they don't go to the foodcourt for healthy. They want the good ole Polish Dog for just $1.50, like they've gotten for years.

People are taking the announcement personally, and (naturally) turning to Twitter to voice their disappointment. The hashtag #SaveThePolishDog has gone viral with fired-up Costco members telling the world how important the foodcourt staple is to them. Costco has since put their Twitter account on private, which, as you can imagine, has only heightened the fury.

Plot twist: Sam's Club has just announced they'll be adding the Polish Dog to their foodcourt menu on July 23rd. And for a full 50 cents cheaper than Costco's price at just 99 cents. Sam's Club to the rescue!

Let the warehouse club battle begin! Will Sam's Club win over Costco members purely because of the Polish Dog? According to #SaveThePolishDog tweets, people are already threatening...

So what do you think? Are Polish Dog lovers going to leave Costco to follow their Polish-pig-in-a-blanket dreams at Sam's Club? Leave a comment below!