The former 'Parks and Recreation' actress and current 'Good Girls' star talks her favorite way to treat herself, how she came to be the first Creamerista at International Delight, and why she actually really likes crying on set.


You don't have to have seen Parks and Recreation to know the phrase "treat yo self." Retta, the stand-up comedian and actress famous for her roles as Donna on Parks and Rec and Ruby on Good Girls, launched the phrase into fame during her Parks and Rec tenure. But she's done a lot more than promote unbridled self-indulgence. 

After six years on Parks and Rec, Retta joined the cast of NBC's comedic drama series Good Girls, which had its first season in 2018. Last year, she published a book of essays called So Close to Being the Sh*t, Y'all Don't Even Know. And in October, she became International Delight's first Creamerista—a title she earned simply because she really loves International Delight creamer. 

We caught up with the comedian to chat about all things coffee, the upcoming holidays, the best part of being on Good Girls. 


Rachael Ray Every Day: Why did you decided to partner with International Delight as the first official Creamerista

Retta: I use International Delight almost every morning. I post it on my Insta stories. I even made up my own jingle for it. It only made sense that we partner. It's what the people wanted!

What's your go-to morning mix? 

Peet's Major Dickason's Blend with hazelnut International Delight. 

I'm sure the coffee helps you get through long days on set, but what snacks do you eat to keep you going?

Chocolate and macadamia nuts. But most recently I've become obsessed with St. Michel French Butter Cookies. I could eat those and only those. 

What's your favorite part of being on the Good Girls set? 

I love my Good Girls sisters. We laugh A LOT! It makes the longer shoot days bearable. We also give each other our opinions on what items to purchase in our The Real Real shopping carts. We are big fans of online shopping. 

You laugh on set, but in the show, your character seems to cry quite a bit.

It's surprising that my character tends to cry the most, but I have to say, I love it. It's so cathartic. It's like free therapy, which ain't cheap in LA. 

Speaking of sadness, we're nearing four years since Parks & Rec ended. Do you ever see all your friends from the show? 

We meet as a group about once or twice a year, but we text just about every week. 

What's your all-time favorite P&R episode? 

Halloween Surprise! It's where Ben surprises Leslie with a proposal. It made me cry. It's also the one where Jerry has a heart attack and inadvertently passes gas, prompting Tom to ask if he had farts for lunch. This also made me cry. 

When you've had a tiring day, how do you unwind and treat yourself at night? 

I'd have the most tender short ribs with garlic mashed potatoes and buttery Brussels sprouts with a glass(es) of Apothic Red Blend (It's only $8 and I'd pay TWICE that). I'd be watching one of the myriad shows I watch, but if I wanna watch something classic, it would either be Love Actually or Sex and the City (seasons two through six). 

Speaking of food and indulging, what are the Thanksgiving dishes you absolutely must have on the table? 

Roasted turkey, roasted chicken, crab-stuffed red snapper, baked ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, cornbread stuffing, corn, vegetable stir fry, spicy sausage and rice, apple pie, pumpkin pie, vanilla ice cream, and butter pecan ice cream. 

Do you do all that cooking—or want to do all that cooking? 

Nope and nooooo. Mom is the best. No point in even trying. 

So what's your favorite part of the holiday? 

After dinner my brothers and sisters-in-law sit around the table telling old stories and just laugh forever. It's my favorite part of the meal.