Find out why it took so long for Chrissy to cook in front of the camera—and how Rach actually inspired her to finally do it.


Watching Chrissy Teigen's Instagram stories is like seeing a live feed of her life at home with husband John Legend and their two adorable kids, Luna and Miles. And most of that footage is of her cooking, either solo, with a pint-sized helper, or her mom Vilailuck (aka "Pepper Thai"). But soon, you'll be able to watch Chrissy's cooking on more than just your phone screen when she launches her cooking show, Family Style, on Hulu with Chef David Chang.

If her hilarious Twitter feed is any indication, there will be a lot of jokes—and roasts—on the new show. When we caught up with Chrissy ahead of the launch party for Pepsi's #summergram campaign in NYC, she teased what to expect from the show, and what freaked her out the most about cooking in front of the camera.

One thing that we definitely hope they air footage of? Her son Miles' then-upcoming birthday bash, which the Lip Sync Battle host gushed about. "The only things Miles loves in life are ribs and bears, so we postponed his birthday a bit—we're doing a bear-b-cueparty," she said with a laugh.

Read on to get the details on everything Chrissy is working on—from multiple new cookbooks to a potential hosting gig on Saturday Night Live—and what makes her feel like a boss when she's so busy.

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Rachael Ray Every Day: You continue to successfully carve out your own path in food with two cookbooks. Is there a third in the works?

Chrissy Teigen: Yes! There actually might four or five more cookbooks in the works. Not all at once, but they're coming.

What can you tell us about your new collaboration with David Chang?

David Chang and I are producing all of Hulu's food-driven content and discovering all these amazing people. There's so much talent out there and so many shows that need to brought to life and are just looking for a place to be brought to life, and we're going to do that for them. I think they're going to blow us away because so far from what I've seen, there are so many shows I'm so excited about. I love television. I grew up in a house where we had a TV in every room. I'm talking bathroom, kitchen, the weird rooms. I still can't sleep without the TV on just a little bit.

People ask me all the time why I don't have my own cooking show, and it's honestly because I don't like cooking on camera. I can't handle all the multitasking, which is why I love Rachael [Ray]. [She can] chop the onions, tell stories, and remember to stir something. It's all too much for me! But it's so funny because my mom used to be so nervous in front of the camera and now I'll walk on [the Family Style] set and ask, "What are we cooking today?" She's like, "Sausage!" I'll step out for a second and come right back and she's totally into it. So you're probably gonna see my mom a lot, which makes me happy. I've never had a website before, so we're still trying to figure out exactly to feature on it. Right now we're filming a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff with John and the kids.

You also recently signed on to be a judge on NBC's Bring the Funny, which is set to premiere on July 9. What has that been like?

This is the best group of people I've worked with on a show. Jeff Foxworthy and Kenan Thompson are such a joy to work with, and I can see why they've both had such long careers in comedy. They can't walk down the street without someone wanting to say hi, right? But they're just normal guys, and people love being around them because of that. They have families and real lives outside of this. I know people think I'm funny with my tweets, but when I signed on to be a judge, I felt like an outsider at first because I'm not a comedian, but you learn so much just from sitting alongside them every day. And [host] Amanda Seales is amazing too! 

Your daughter, Luna, adorably stole the show on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live. Would you ever host? John could perform!

It's definitely come up a few times. [Laughs] Growing up, SNL was a staple in our house. I'm a very anxious person ... so I hear most people say they get jitters that Friday before—I would have jitters that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, andFriday before. If I died and never hosted, it would bother me, but the showis so iconic and so important that I would want to do it justice. I'm busy building my own food website and juggling a million other things, so now's just not the right time, but I'd want to eventually.

You're a busy wife and mom, and you're running your own empire. What makes you feel like a boss?

Oh, gosh. Probably taking my kids on set, which wasn't a thing maybe five or 10 years ago. Oftentimes, you're working 14-hour days and you're stuck in a cold room all day, so you're not taking in real oxygen. I don't ask for it, but walking on set and seeing a play area for Miles' toys and Luna's dollhouses is really nice. So I would say that I always feel like a boss when the people around me go out of their way to accommodate us. Work requires so much of your time and your energy, so it's nice when you can bring your family.

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