Prepare to turn this #basic staple on its head.

Confession: I have a full-blown girl crush on Chrissy Teigen. Any woman who can make stretch marks and pumping look hot is pretty much my hero. 

So, honestly, it shouldn't surprise me that this mega-star has managed to reinvent the breakfast, lunch, dinner — well, pretty much ANYtime — staple into something new and exciting. 

Are you ready for it? Yes, yes you are. 

But, WAIT!

Before we tell you what it is, remember this?

Yeah, that was awesome.

Okay, now here's her new version. It's called: Avocado with Toasty Crumbs

Credit: Aubrie Pick

Because who doesn't want more avocado in their avocado toast equation? Also: radishes, herbs, a squeeze of lemon, and some cayenne pepper.

Get the recipe here.