The Chesterfield Hotel in The Palm Beaches, Florida has two missions: provide guests an enjoyable stay, and make a big difference.

They say one person can change the world. But from the looks of it, one luxurious, beachfront hotel can change the world, too!

The Chesterfield Hotel in The Palm Beaches, Florida

If you're all about eliminating food waste and keeping our oceans clean, you may want to consider staying at the Chesterfield Hotel in The Palm Beaches, Florida for your next tropical getaway. Not only does this hotel organize beach cleanups on the regular, but it has also removed most single-use plastic items (like straws, drink stirs, and water bottles) from the property, is currently conducting food waste management trials, and has even nurtured an injured sea turtle back to health before releasing it back into the ocean. 

So what is it, exactly, that's prompted the Chesterfield to be so Earth-conscious? Well, part of it is the hotel's parent company, Red Carnation Hotels, which promotes eco-friendliness and sustainability on their properties worldwide. The other part is the Chesterfield's staff – many of the hotel's employees say getting together to make their town a little cleaner is one of their favorite things to do every year. 

Beach Cleanup
A Chesterfield beach cleanup crew

"Personally, I look forward to the beach cleanups every summer and love participating with my coworkers," says Nancy Mahota, who heads the hotel's sustainability team. "It gives us a chance to socialize while picking up the beach trash in support of keeping our beautiful beaches clean for the nesting sea turtles."

The cleanup days, dubbed Turtle Tuesday Beach Clean Ups, support Florida's Loggerhead Marinelife Center by clearing the shore of harmful debris that could be hazardous to nesting sea turtles (oh, and that rehabilitated sea turtle we mentioned earlier? His name is TNT, and the Chesterfield's staff calls him their mascot!)

In addition to their successful cleanup programs, the Chesterfield began participating with other global properties in food waste management research in June. The hotel's Vice President of communications, Arnelle Kendall, says the goal of this initiative is to figure out how to stop producing waste altogether.

"We'll be looking at the type of waste that is being produced and looking at ways [to stop creating it], either through reduced purchasing, not over-producing during the cooking process, and through the way in which food is prepared," Kendall said. "We won't be looking at what else we can produce from the food waste generated, as the aim is to not generate it in the first place."

The Chesterfield's staff plans to continue the beach cleanup programs and single-use plastic removal from their properties through 2020, and will implement new plans for food waste elimination once research concludes.