This may be the most wholesome cooking "competition" we've ever seen. Can we join the Lagasse family, please?

Rachael Ray Show/YouTube
| Credit: Rachael Ray Show/YouTube

Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse and his 16-year-old son EJ might have just won the award for cutest father-son duo. 

On her show, Rach asked Emeril and EJ to create a dish with five ingredients: pork chops, broccoli, almonds, bacon, and apples. (They also had various pantry items to work with). The competition was in honor of Father's Day, and it was maybe the most wholesome 4 minutes and 49 seconds on television. 

Em and EJ acted like a couple of chums as they cooked up their dishes, cracking jokes and admiring each other's skills, and it was completely endearing. 

EJ teased his dad a lot as they cooked. "I like taking his [Emeril's] old dishes that are old, of course, and changing them up," EJ joked at the start. Emeril just chuckled and noted EJ has a bit more of a French style. 

Later, EJ noted Emeril was blanching his broccoli. "That's very interesting," EJ said. "You see, you're having to waste time and blanch. I went in the back, I made a romesco in this this prep kitchen. Because we don't have time to mess around!"

There was a lot of admiration of each other's cooking too, and their dialogue as they cooked was adorable. At the end, they came to a truce and hugged, and during it, EJ quietly said, "I love you, buddy." (Insert happy-crying emoji here.)

Basically, their relationship is the best, and Rach was touched by it. "What I love about food is that it brings us together," she said. "It brings together generations. It is the most basic way that we nurture one another. I love you both for being here."