Cheese tea is making its mark at cafés and tea bars along both coasts.

Girl drinking cheese tea
Nope, not feta. Or Brie. Or cheddar.
| Credit: Photography by Matjaž Atjaž Tančič

Sorry, bubble tea, but there's a hot new drink coming to town: cheese tea. 

Before you picture your morning Earl Grey brimming over with Gruyère, consider this: The Taiwanese street-stall import, which has sparked hours-long waits at cultish chains like HeyTea in China, commonly starts with milk tea, then adds a head of whipped cream cheese

The result? Something like a frothier green tea latte. And savvy Americans are starting to queue up.

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"The rich cheese foam makes the tea taste even better," Nie Yunchen, founder of HeyTea, told Condé Nast Traveler. "It's still our most popular beverage."

Though the trend has been boosted by our love of viral foods, "at the end of the day, the taste is what keeps people talking about it," says Jenny Zheng of Little Fluffy Head Café. 

 Curious imbibers can find cheese tea at Little Fluffy Head Café in Los Angeles.

Happy Lemon, a chain with locations in California, Boston, and Queens, NY, also serves it. 

Would you ever try it?