Letter from Rach: Call Your Mom!

A little reminder to appreciate everything around you: food, music, art, film—and Mom, of course!
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For me, May is synonymous with M-O-M. I’m a mom to a pitbull rather than humans, but I’m a daughter, too, and the qualities of a good mom—being nurturing, responsible, and a fair person—were taught to me by my mother, Elsa. She was the one who taught me to appreciate what’s most important in life. 

I appreciate hard work and the privilege of doing work that I enjoy. I appreciate good food, art, film, music, and the ability to be moved to tears and laughter easily. I appreciate animals for making me a more compassionate person. I appreciate a sense of adventure, talking to strangers, and the fun of getting lost in new places. I appreciate my family and friends for their advice and support. For all these reasons, I appreciate my mom, most of all. 

For this month’s 30-Minute Meals, I thought a reboot on retro dishes from back in my mom’s day would be a fun twist. I am 49, and when I was a girl, families seemed to entertain more on weeknights. More moms worked only inside their homes, and dinners were more formal and included cocktails and multiple courses—even on a Wednesday. So I’m taking a fresh look at classics like chicken Divan, pepper steak, Swedish meatballs, and even tuna casserole. 

Healthy is the theme of this issue. I have mixed feelings about the term healthy as a marketing strategy or a headline. The goal should be to eat a colorful diet most of the time, and extra-indulgent foods now and then. So I salute our team for sharing good, healthy food in every issue. But especially in this issue, the recipes are so colorful and fresh, the images seem to jump off the pages. Kudos, team! 

Last, I love this month’s visit to Pittsburgh! I fell in love with the city 10 years ago and am happy to see that it has recently become a foodie destination. Teeming with top cuisine at fair prices in beautiful and creative settings, this is a must-see-and-eat city that’s perfect for a weekend adventure from anywhere in the U.S. The film industry has taken notice of Pittsburgh, too. Be on the lookout for stars at the local Starbucks! 

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Now go call your mom, or one you admire. 


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