The team behind New York City’s famed Big Gay Ice Cream chain looks back on 10 very cool years.

big gay ice cream shop and rainbow sprinkle cones
Photography by Donny Tsang
| Credit: Photography by Donny Tsang

When Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff rolled out their ice cream truck in Brooklyn in 2009, it was clear that this was going to be no ordinary brand. For one, there was that name—Big Gay Ice Cream—and then the bold flavors like Salty Pimp (vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche and dark chocolate). That combo of wit and great recipes continues to win over sweet tooths 10 years later. We chatted with Quint about the brand's big anniversary and where he plans to take it from here.

How did you guys get your start?

Bryan and I joked that most people get a motorcycle when they hit their midlife crisis—we got an ice cream truck. At the end of our second season, Rachael Ray had us on her show, and that's when things went berserk. In a way, I would date the beginning of Big Gay Ice Cream as a legit business to the day that episode aired.

What has been your best moment of the decade?

There have been moments that we find impossible to wrap our minds around: when our cookbook arrived in our hands, when we first saw our pints on grocery store shelves. But the best moment is a reoccurring event: When people bring their kids to one of our shops and tell us that they wanted their child's first bite of ice cream to be Big Gay Ice Cream, it hits us right in the heart. A tearjerker every time.

What do you see for the brand in the next decade?

We want to have shops throughout North America but also internationally. Can you imagine a Big Gay Ice Cream shop in Tokyo, or Berlin, or Seoul?!