Prep for winter with these flu-season tips from the real-world grandmas over at Enoteca Maria (, an Italian restaurant on Staten Island, New York, famous for inviting foreign-born seniors to take over its kitchen.
Cure-a-Cold Spring Chicken Soup
We don't call this recipe a href=u0022 Chicken Soup/a for nothing!

"My grandmother would make a concoction of dried fig, chamomile, fennel, lemon peel, and apple peel. After boiling it all in water, add honey and sip throughout the day." —Adelina from Naples, Italy 

"Get Greek Mountain Tea at the store. It's made using the dried leaves and flowers of ironwort, which grows on the mountaintops of Greece. Drink it with honey and lemon at breakfast and before going to bed." —Ploumitsa from Chios, Greece 

"Growing up, our home remedy was called 'Jewish penicillin'—a big pot of chicken soup cooked with carrots, onions, celery, parsnip, and dill." —Judy from New York City 

"Mince half of a red onion, grate ginger, and add two chopped garlic cloves and two spoonfuls of honey. Leave it to rest overnight and a syrup will form. Take two spoonfuls in the morning and another at night." —Carmen from Buenos Aires, Argentina 

"In a small microwaveable bowl, grate fresh nutmeg and add a dash of Caribbean rum and eucalyptus oil. Mix and then warm in the microwave. Rub small handfuls on the chest area, back area, even on your feet! Before you know it, you will feel as good as new!" —Pauline from Trinidad, West Indies 

Note: Consult your doctor before imbibing or applying any remedies.