A silk scrunchie sounds fancy pants, but it's actually softer on your hair and worth the investment if you're anti-frizz and ponytail creases. And aren't we all?


Yes, scrunchies are back in style, and while I never thought I'd see them come around again this soon, it's happened. As a tween, I remember having one of these snazzy guys to match just about every outfit in tons of colors and materials—denim, cotton, waffle knit, crushed velvet, and even flannel. Ah, the '90s. Grunge even managed to make its way  Limited Too, the little girl shopping mecca. I didn't think too much about the fabric type—scrunchies were just a fun fashion statement back then. And for kids today, I'd imagine it's the same. 

But this time around, I'm only rocking Slip Silk Scrunchies (pretty much behind closed doors and after work hours, but we'll see if I work up the nerve to go public). Why? Because regular cheap-o hair ties are actually super damaging. How many times have you gotten one stuck in your strands and then pulled out a clump of hair with it? And let's be honest. If you have long hair, isn't throwing it up in a bun on top of your head the first thing you do when you get home?

A little bit of history for you—Slip's founder, Fiona Stewart, actually started the company in Australia almost 15 years ago when she was having pretty bad cystic acne and hair issues. Her dermatologist recommended a regimen to her and part of it was sleeping on a silk pillowcase. We spend a third of our lives in bed, so having a breathable, gentle surface to rest your head and face on in bed does matter in the grand scheme of things, particularly if you toss and turn. Nice silk pillowcases that were also affordable proved hard for Stewart to find, so she made her own, and Slip was born.

Fast forward roughly a decade and a half, and Slip now stocks tons of other products, including quality silk scrunchies, for many of the same reasons as the pillowcases. Because silk reduces friction caused by contact, it's much gentler on skin and the hair cuticle than other fibers, which is important for frizz, split ends, and breakage prevention. If you use heat stylers, dye your hair, or you've been out in the sun a bunch this summer, your hair is probably on the drier side, so all the more reason to treat yourself to one of these guys—especially if like me, you're rocking a bun or ponytail for half the day. 

I've been using the large sized set for a couple of weeks now, and I'm happy to report that the crease I'd often get from tying my hair up overnight is no longer an issue for me, which means no need to break out the flat iron in the mornings and do more damage. It makes me feel a little fancy, you know, even if I'm just eating takeout or vacuuming. At $39 for a set of three, they're a little bit of an investment, but unlike those elementary school days, I don't need a million. You can buy a set, and gift the other two if you're trying to be more of a minimalist. And Slip Scrunchies also come in a smaller size set for shorter, thinner hair types. A better hair day is just a silk scrunchie away, people!