Avocado-centric restaurants are taking the fab fruit way beyond toast.


Just when you thought we'd reached peak avocado, restaurants centered around the insanely popular produce are now a thing. At Avocaderia, the self-proclaimed "world's first avocado bar," in Brooklyn, aficionados will find avocados spotlighted in salads, bowls, and smoothies.

avocado toast
Feast your eyes on this artful avocado toast at Avocaderia
| Credit: Photo courtesy of Avocaderia

London's Covent Garden is home to Avobar, a California inspired newcomer that serves dishes like avo hotcakes, green shakshuka, and chocolate bars made with the green stuff. 

avocado show
Credit: Photo courtesy of Today’s Brew

The originator of the trend is likely the Avocado Show, an Amsterdam café that launched last year and is now gearing up to go global.

avocado bun burger
The Bun Burger at the Avocado Show
| Credit: Photo courtesy of Delphine Chevalier

"Our first expansion will be in Europe," says the Avocado Show cofounder Ron Simpson. "But we're aiming for Los Angeles as well." 

When the concept comes stateside, expect Insta-ready plates like avo-poke bowls and berry-avocado waffles. "People want healthy, beautiful dishes," says Simpson. "The avocado can offer that."