Cold brew is everywhere—even in your wine.


Cold brew coffee and red wine are two of our favorite things. Now, thanks to Apothic Wines, you can have them in one buzzy glass. 

"Last year during the long hours of harvest, I joined the cold brew craze myself," says Deb Juergenson, Apothic's winemaker. "Quickly, I realized that many of the characteristics in cold brew coffee and red wine naturally complement each other."

Apothic Brew
Credit: Photo courtesy of Apothic Wines

Now if you're thinking you'd prefer to have these two tasty beverages on their own, we hear you. That's why we tried the blend for ourselves. Here's what our editors had to say:

"I found it smooth and interesting! Let's see if it 'perks' me up a bit! (HA HA)" – Tara Holland, Food Editorial Assistant 

"Thing to know: Caffeine, long considered the antidote to intoxication, actually enhances your buzz. Take that as a positive or negative here—your call." – Lauren Iannotti, Editor in Chief

"I thought I would be appalled. Surprisingly, I don't mind it." – Geraldine Campbell, Executive Editor

"The wine is surprisingly delicious! It brings out the berry and chocolate notes in the wine, somehow." – Janet Taylor McCracken, Test Kitchen Director

"I was very intrigued by this because it was a combination of my two favorite things: coffee and wine! I definitely tasted hints of chocolate. I would pick up a bottle to share with my 'millennial' friends for our next movie night and see what they think of it!" - Angela Carucci, lifestyle intern

Ready to try it for yourself? Hurry because quantities are limited! Find retailers near you that sell Apothic Brew here