The actor had us laughing as much as he had us crying.

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Alec Baldwin may be widely known as a funny guy, but he also has quite the soft spot, as he revealed when talking about his marriage on the Rachael Ray Show.

Alec's niece Hailey had recently gotten engaged (and, as we now know, married) to Justin Bieber at 22 years old, and Rach asked Alec what his thoughts were on the young couple. 

Although Alec kind of jokingly, kind of seriously noted that the two are young—"They're 11," he said—he had sound words of advice.

"I always say to people, 'You get married 'cause you have to,'" Alec said. "When I met my wife, I wasn't really thinking about getting married again." But when he met Hilaria, he says, "The thought that that woman is out there and I don't have her ... I would be miserable. I had to marry her."

Rach agreed with him, tearing up a bit as she thought about her own marriage. "That's the way it was when I met John," she said. "You just know when you know." 

The actor wasn't all sentiment, though. He and his wife have four kids, the oldest of whom is 5 years old, and Alec expressed his bewilderment at Hilaria wanting to have another. 

"My wife will literally say lately, in order to express the kind of sentiment of having a fifth child, she will literally say, 'Alec, I feel that someone is missing,'" he says. "And I look at her, I'm like, 'Really? Someone's missing? You feel like someone's missing?' Maybe it's that doll underneath that sofa cushion over there. Is that who's missing?" 

Alec also gave viewers an unexpected Donald Trump impression after being asked who he'd like to run into in a dark alley. He had an idea of who he'd want to talk to, but he couldn't quite place the name.

"In terms of having a private conversation with someone where you kind of confront them about some painful realties that you might be going through as a nation ... I have no idea who I'd want to meet in a dark alley," he said.

Not sure if these are tears from laughing or crying, but someone pass the tissues.