Gobble is a culinary love letter to a late husband and father, honoring his favorite holiday with heart-filled guide to gathering bound to become your new Thanksgiving go-to.

Credit: Loba Publishing

Gobble: The Quintessential Thanksgiving Playbook (Loba Publishing) was written as a kind of therapy by the Isacs family after the untimely passing of their patriarch, Peter, last year. It reads as a family album at first, introducing its authors—Christopher and PK, Peter’s sons, and Nadine, his wife—and delving into their history and traditions in bucolic inland Connecticut. It may not sound like your bag if you don’t know them, except that after reading it I felt I did know them, and had the strong desire to be invited to dinner with this close-knit and very culinary clan.

Nadine, PK & Christopher Isacs
Nadine, PK & Christopher Isacs

Peter loved food and wine and instilled an appreciation for both in his kids, which the boys took to the next level by teaching themselves to cook with stints abroad, and also by throwing regular extracurricular dinner parties for classmates at Tulane University (but not like you did in college; like maybe David Chang and Dale DeGroff did in college). Thanksgiving was a huge holiday for the family, and in Peter’s absence, they resolved to share what they knew about making it special and delicious. The result is a book that’s more strategies than recipes, ideal for newbies who feel a bit behind even before they start cooking. Without talking down, the young experts demystify the art of cooking the Big Feast and make it feel truly within reach. (Nadine’s expertise lies mostly in the entertaining part—setting a fab table and making all feel welcome and happy.) I’d give it to friends’ kids who’d love to make Thanksgiving dinner but don’t think they’re capable, having never had the chance to experiment and figure it out for themselves. After all, I was that kid once. —Lauren Iannotti, Editor-in-Chief Rachael Ray In Season

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