Everything I'm into right now.

Let Them Eat Cake

rainbow birthday collage
Credit: Photography courtesy of @Flourshop

"Amirah Kassem recently launched a mindblower at her bakery, Flour Shop: the Pizza Cookie Cake. My niece had a birthday party and Amirah sent the pizza cake, and it was a huge hit. Another Insta fave of the year!" From $45, flourshop.com

Go (Coco) Nuts

coconut eye primer
Credit: Photo Courtesy Of Net-A-Porter

"I discovered this Marc Jacobs Under(Cover) Perfecting Coconut Eye Primer when my makeup artist, Joe Simon, gave me a sample. It's a primer for eye shadow, but I use it under my eyes to hide the dark circles." $26, net-a-porter.com

Stay on Track

adidas track suit
Credit: Photo Courtesy Of Nordstrom

"When I'm not on set, all I live in are pj's or Adidas tracksuits. I love the track pants—so comfy. And there's nothing like the old-school style." Jacket, $75, and pants, $65, adidas.com

Hit The Books

one of a kind book
Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

"Chris Gorman is a visionary and, as the drummer for the alt-rock band Belly, literally a rock star. I love his new children's book, One of a Kind. It's so smart and empathetic. Whether you have kids or not, it's a great read with amazing artwork."

John's Cocktail: Jalapeño-Citrus Rickey

john jalapeno citrus rickey
Credit: Photography By Kate Mathis (cocktail); Courtesy of Jeff Lipsky (inset)