From elegant to rustic and everything in between, these campers are sure to add even more adventure to your travels.


Want to spice up your next vacation? We found 15 of the cutest, coolest, and most character-filled homes on wheels you can rent on Outdoorsy, an online RV rental marketplace. No matter your design taste or travel destination, there's a camper for you!  

1. This Futuristic Modern RV

1 _ Image courtesy of Cal Viall
Credit: Cal Viall

Sleek on the outside, modern chic on the inside, this 2004 Airstream International will make you feel like a true Jetson. With its bold use of color, rounded furniture, and mix of materials—not to mention those hazy blue lights glowing in the cabinets—this ride has a classic mid-century modern feel that will keep you cozy while you journey through nature. $249/night

2. This Pink/Leopard/Cat-Themed Vintage Trailer

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 7.24.14 AM

This 1965 Pleasurecraft of the Canned Ham variety is pure weirdness. The outside is sparkly pink (and, in fact, oddly reminiscent of canned ham). The inside is wall-to-wall leopard print mixed with feline decor. The owner of Pinky (that's the trailer) calls it a "space for dreamers, filled with beauty and encased in love." It's wonderfully odd, perfect for anyone looking to get away from the sameness of day-to-day life. $360/night

3. This Dapper, Newly Renovated RV

1 _ image courtesy of Ronin Media
Credit: Ronin Media

The body of this zoomer may be going on three decades old, but you'd never tell by looking at it. This 27-foot 1992 Custom Coachmen Leprechaun has a smart exterior and a spacious, homey interior. It's less of a home on wheels and more of a home—on wheels. Whip up a meal in the cutesy kitchen (check out that backsplash!), read a book on the snug armchair perched in front of large windows, or catch a cat nap on one of the two queen beds. Do what you normally do at home but on the road and without all the stress. $159/night

4. This Rustic-Chic, Pine-Paneled Van

1 _ photo by Sean MacCuish
Credit: Sean MacCuish

Though she be but little, Gigi the 2003 Ford Econoline 250s (and retired ambulance) is fierce. This van packs major utility, managing to store everything you need for a perfect weekend getaway without taking up space. There's a pull-out picnic table, camping chairs, a Coleman propane grill, a portable toilet, a Dometic fridge, and more. Those goods are tucked away, though, so all you see as you lazily lie in bed on Sunday morning are the dark pine wood walls, the soft white accents, and the great outdoors. Bliss. $158/night

5. This Good Vibes, Far Out Camper

1 _ photo by Casey Chapman Ross
Credit: Casey Chapman Ross

If ever an RV were to scream "girls trip," it's this one. A 2006 Fleetwood Sun Valley Pop Up—nicknamed Fleetwood Mac, naturally—it can sleep six (or more, depending on how much you like one another), with two king beds and a large sectional seating area. Mac's got a nice living space, too, complete with a small kitchen and dinette area and large windows for bounteous nature viewing. The real draw, though, is the colorful, 70s-style interior, with all its grammable peace and love vibes setting the prefect backdrop for your easy, breezy travels. Go your own way with the gals (or pals or familials) in stylish, wildly affordably Mac. $90/night

6. This Simple, Road-Trip Ready Van

4 _ photo by Devin Tolman
Credit: Devin Tolman

With an eclectic mix of decor and clean pine-paneled walls, this 2007 Mercedes-Benz Freightliner Sprinter perfectly balances the cozy and rustic auras. Part of the GoCamp fleet, it's got everything you need for your trip—just add food. For anyone who has that sudden urge to escape for a few days, this cute, snug van is ready to take you there. $185/night 

7. This Sophisticated Sport Camper

3 _ Cindy Salgado
Credit: Happily Hitched Campers

Born in 2017, this 16-foot Airstream Bambi Sport is still new, and it looks it. With its beautiful white-walled bedroom, a casual dining and seating area, a sectioned-off bathroom, and small, elegant touches throughout, this compact camper is perfect for an easy, rejuvenating trip filled with wine nights. $175/night

8. This Sleek Teardrop Trailer

4 _ photo by Andrea Corn
Credit: Andrea Corn

Get a bit closer to nature with Louise, a sophisticated 2018 Vistabule Teardrop. She's got a small but airy sleeping and seating space inside and a sizable kitchen and storage area accessible from the outside. She comes with all the essentials—a stovetop, slide-out for a cooler, running water, cabinets, A/C, and more—so you still get the goods you would in a larger camper, just without that extra space. For anyone looking to spend more time outdoors than in, Louise is the perfect way to end a day of camping. Just wait till you see the overhead window perfect for a night of stargazing. $129/night

9. This 80s Camper Van


The best thing about this van isn't its incredible burnt-orange shade, nor is it the pale blue and brown striped cushions. It's not the retro cabinetry that's remained unchanged since the 80s or the rotating driver and passenger chairs. No, it's the massive stack of classic cassette tapes that come with the ride, ready to accompany you with electric guitar solos and high-powered vocals throughout your journey. Is there anything better than cruising along a scenic road listening to old-school bangers in a burnt-orange 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia? There is not. $175/night

10. This Southwest-Style Cabin on Wheels

2 _ Photo by Justin Wade Orton
Credit: Justin Wade Orton

Take the great lodge feel on the road with this fully wood-paneled 1999 Ford E350 Super Duty XL High Top. Its simple interior—all sleek, wood-paneled walls and a small kitchen and storage space—contrasts with a vibrant Aztec-patterned comforter and more windows than you could ask for (all with curtains, in case you need privacy from the prairie dogs). Tucked in the back are a variety of accessories such as fold-out tables, cooking tools, and dinnerware. Chic, uncluttered, and useful, it's the trifecta of road travel. $159/night

11. This Smooth-Cruisin' Adventurer

2 _ photo by Brian Mack
Credit: Brian Mack

Tight turns and narrow roads? Bring it. This nimble 2018 Ram Promaster City called Gypsy can take you wherever you want to go. It packs all the essentials into its small, drivable frame while maintaining an electic, itinerant aesthetic. It's the perfect vehicle for the solo traveler looking to see the world. $125/night

12. This California Dreamin' Van

3 _ photo by Johnathan Burkhardt
Credit: Johnathan Burkhardt

Get ready to be the grooviest person in town. Malibu, a 1979 Volkswagen Bay Window Westfalia Pop Top, is nostalgia on wheels. A bright orange body with a beachy interior, there's no better cruiser to take out to the shore for a surf weekend. It's got enough space to sleep four, along with a kitchenette, ample storage, and various cooking accessories. Pop in some Beach Boys, and get around round, get around from town to town. $189/night 

13. This Teensy-Tiny Teardrop Trailer

2 _ photo by Frank Denney
Credit: Frank Denney

Minimalism abounds in this 1945 Customer Teardrop Camper. This pastel turquoise cutie has just enough space for a cozy two-person bed and a bit of storage—no frills. You get that camping feel but with slightly more comfort and space. Plus, at such a small size, it's a cheap traveling home. $85/night

14. This Hipster Haven with Rooftop Seating

1 _ photo by Autumn Rose Kauffman
Credit: Autumn Rose Kauffman

Little Sur looks like the California coffee shop of your dreams. The wood-paneled 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter magically combines coziness and simplicity into one laid-back van that seems like it was made to be enjoyed while wearing a beanie and drinking cold brew. Despite its uncluttered, airy feel, Little Sur has tons of features, including a sink, stove, indoor surfboard rope rack, book shelf, tons of built-in storage, and even a closet. And no need to pack chairs for outdoor seating: A ladder on the side of the van leads to a turf-covered rooftop, perfect for stargazing with a glass of wine. $192/night

15. This Just-the-Basics Camper Van


The Dream Machine is an all-time classic. A 14-foot 1989 Volkswagen Westfalia, it's got a charmingly provincial feel that only enhances the roughin'-it camping vibes. This manual drive has comfortable front seats and a back seat that folds into a massive bed. There's an uncomplicated kitchen area with a sink and range, as well as plenty of space for storage and moving about. For the rustic traveler looking for a quintessential camper, the Dream Machine can take you on whatever terrain you wish to traverse. $160/night

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