Don't just drink champagne on New Year's Eve, instead try sipping on sparkling wine all yearlong with 12 of our seasonal champagne cocktail recipes. Both easy and delicious, these simple custom-made cocktail recipes are perfect for a night at home or festive holiday parties.

Why pop the cork only on New Year's Eve! Keep the celebration going with seasonal sparkling drinks, specially created for each month. Have a happy and bubbly year!

12 Seasonal Sparkling Drinks

The Classic Recipe

The historic Champagne Cocktail also known as "Chorus Girl's Milk" can be traced back to the 1800s when it was first published in Jerry Thomas's The Bon Vivant's Companion: The Original Cocktail Guide. To make this classic concoction more seasonal, we created 12 custom-made sparkling recipes, one for each month of the year. Say cheers to drinking bubbly from January to December!


Start the year off with a twist on the classic mimosa. With citrus fruits in peak season from November to January, swap the traditional orange juice, for tangy tangerine and lime juices in our Clockwork Orange.


Heat things up in February with our Passion Fruit Spritz. This sparkling cocktail made with a dash of cayenne pepper is sure to ignite passion on colder nights.

Passion Fruit Spritz

Bartending Lesson

Every home bartender should know how to make the perfect martini. Learn how to make this classic cocktail here!


As the seasons start to change, reach for our refreshing Green Machine champagne cocktail. Made with earthy green tea, tart lime juice and a sprig of mint, this green cocktail is perfect for brunch or a girl's night in. Look for matcha green tea to create the greenest hued cocktail.

Green Machine


We used the classic "Gin and Juice" as inspiration for our Gin & Honey champagne cocktail. Once you taste the gin's herbal notes paired perfectly with the rose and red fruit flavors from pink champagne, you'll swear we took the spring season and put it directly into your glass. Sip on this cocktail when you're ready to ring in Spring!  

Gin and Honey


Cucumbers are an unexpected cocktail ingredient favorite and can add a surprising but light melon flavor. To mark the beginning of cucumber season, try our Sweet Tart cocktail, which seamlessly blends the mild cucumber flavor into lemon juice to give the cocktail a delightful and refreshing cooling sensation.

Sweet Tart


Sip on summer with our Melon Patch champagne cocktail made with juicy pink watermelon, gin and our special rosemary syrup. Save time by making the syrup in advance and keeping it in the refrigerator for up to five days.

Bartending Lesson

Take the Mojito, a summertime cocktail favorite, to the next level by adding some bubbles!

Mojito Sparkler


Go red, white and blue for 4th of July with our Star-Spangled Berry champagne cocktail. To give this drink a little more kick, we added an all-American bourbon simple syrup!

Star-Spangled Berry


Get sweet and spicy with our Ginger & Juice, a combination of muddled fresh ginger and pineapple juice.

It's a mashup!
 Muddling ingredients (lightly crushing them with a mortar or spoon) intensifies their flavor.

Ginger and Juice


This fall, mix things up and reach for our Orchard Breeze instead of your usual hot apple cider. Crisp and refreshing, this cocktail utilizes newly, in-season hard apple cider and gets a satisfyingly savory note from our honey-basil simple syrup.

Orchard Breeze

Bartending Lesson

Whip up this classic Bloody Mary recipe for brunch, a game-day tailgate or just a cozy Saturday in! Watch this video to master this classic recipe.


Take a break from the boot full of beer and celebrate Oktoberfest with our Red Velvet champagne cocktail. This velvety smooth sparkler is topped with stout beer then finished with a pinch of ground espresso and an orange twist as a garnish. Full of chocolately notes from the beer, this tasty concoction could be a stand-in for dessert.

Red Velvet


We used our favorite Fall flavors to create our Stone Spiced Sour. From brown sugar to cloves and allspice to pear, this sparkler will please any palate and pair perfectly with any Thanksgiving menu.

Stone Spiced Sour


This super simple Pomegranate Lava Lamp champagne cocktail is perfect for parties and makes a great conversation piece too. Create a lava-lamp look by dropping a few pomegranate seeds into each flute before pouring in the champagne -- then watch'em whirl around as you sip!

Pomegranate Lava Lamp

Budget Sparkling Wines

You don't have to break the bank in order to drink bubbles! We tasted over 100 wines to find our five favorites under $15.

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