Shake up your backyard barbecues this summer with our who-knew grilling ideas -- from watermelon to doughnuts to meatballs! Trust us, your trusty grill will be your best friend this season.

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Get creative with your grilling at your next outdoor cookout with our sweet and savory recipes for summer. 

Side of Salmon

A make-your-own foil pan lets the fish cook with flavorful ingredients as it's infused with smoke from the grill. Bonus: The salmon is guaranteed to come off the grill in one piece!

Hot Tip: A big piece of fish makes a great party dish and saves you money, too. A side of salmon typically costs a couple of dollars less per pound than fillets.

Smoky Salmon Bake


Grilling the cabbage gives the slaw a mix of flavors and textures: crunchy bits tossed with softer, slightly smoky pieces.

Hot Tip: Get even more greens. Grill romaine, kale or another sturdy green leafy veggie, then slice and add to the mix.


Hearty broccoli takes on a new personality when sliced into "steaks" and fired up on the grill.

Hot Tip: For a colorful array of vegetables, marinade and grill red peppers, squash and other veggies, too.

Grilled Soy-Ginger Broccoli Steaks

Fruit & Cheese

Firm haloumi cheese softens but won't melt on the grill, and watermelon's sweet juices get rich and caramelized. It's a perfect pairing!

Hot Tip: If you can't find haloumi, slabs of ricotta salata or queso blanco can take the heat, too.


Meatballs and fresh tomato sauce cooked over the coals? Why not? You'll love the barbecued taste of this simple sandwich.

Hot Tip: Make the meatballs a day in advance and store in the refrigerator for a speedy cookout.

Grilled Meatball Subs

Bread Salad

Unlike crisp croutons, grilled bread soaks up dressing and meat juices without turning soggy.

Hot Tip: Bump up the flavor of the salad even more by rubbing the grilled bread with fresh garlic.

Grilled Bread Salad with Chicken


Don't sweat the dough -- use the store-bought stuff and fancy up these pies with great summer produce.

Hot Tip: These personal-size pizzas are ideal for a crowd, set your toppings out and let guests make their own.


Sparkly sugared doughnuts grill up warm, toasty, and ready for ice cream and fresh berries to take them over the top.

Hot Tip: Cake doughnuts are sturdier than fluffy yeasty doughnuts so they're easier to slice and cook.

Grilled Doughnut Shortcakes

Corn on the Cob

For the fastest summer side ever, char-grill whole cobs of corn on the grill, peel back the husks and eat. Then, brush on spicy chile butter, cheese or other delicious toppings.


Slightly savory rosemary and mascarpone cheese are a perfect match for smoky, grilled pears.

Hot Tip: Craving apple pie? Try this recipe with apples!

Grilled Pears with Whipped Mascarpone


Make your own ketchup -- on the grill! Americans love this sweet-salty condiment, in fact, 97 percent of you have a bottle in your fridge right now! Add a smoky touch and plenty of fresh tomatoes to this stable sauce.

Hot Tip: For a rich and peppery touch, blend in a charred red bell pepper.


Throw this veggie on the grill for a fresh and delicious side. We even turned it into an edible serving utensil! Just scoop out the seeds and a bit of fresh from the center and in an instant you've made a zucchini boat.

Grilled Ratatouille Boats

Pound Cake

Grill store-bought pieces of pound cake, then top it with a warm berry sauce for a fork-and-knife dessert everyone will enjoy.

Hot Tip: Cut the pound cake into 1-inch cubes and thread onto skewers for a dessert kebab.

Grilled Pound Cake with Warm Berry Sauce

Cheese Sandwiches

Who doesn't love a grilled cheese sandwich -- especially one on a stick?!

Hot Tip: Make a grilled cheese sandwich bar! Put out all of the goodies -- including meats, veggies or whatever you please -- then let guests build and grill their own.

Caesar Salad

Add a punch of smoky flavor to this classic salad. But be sure to brush the cut sides of the romaine hearts with dressing before arranging them cut side down on the grill.


This sweet dumpling dessert is the perfect way to finish off your main course.

Hot Tip: Get creative and mix in peaches, nectarines or any other stone fruits to create your own custom filling.

Stone Fruit

Grilling bring out the delicious juices of this stone fruit. Then, top it with goodies! We added a scoop of yogurt and granola.


Give sliced charcuterie an elegant touch by combining it with fig preserves, goat cheese and pine nuts to create the perfect one-bite appetizer.

Hot Tip: Create your own cool combos! Experiment with different types of meat like chorizo or pepperoni.


High protein and low-fat grilled tofu is a great option for the vegetarians -- and non- vegetarians -- in the bunch.

Hot Tip: When grilling tofu, select the firmest and densest you can find, often labeled "extra-firm." This stuff has a lower moisture content!

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