Have a New Year’s resolution? There’s a gift for that!


Let's face it, keeping up with those aspirations we set back on January 1 is hard. We're lucky if we can get partway through the month without falling a bit behind. And that's okay! But why not use Valentine's Day to reconnect with your goal's or support your partner with theirs? We found V-Day gifts to match common New Year's resolutions—because honestly, "I support your goals" is better than "I love you."

The resolution: I will be healthier 

The gift: Baze supplement subscription


Knowing which vitamins and minerals you may be deficient in can be a real eye-opener. Baze sends an easy blood test kit with a quick turnaround time to help determine what your body could use more of. Each month, you'll receive a personalized box of supplements based on what your body is lacking, whether that be copper, vitamin E, zinc, or more. They're numbered so you can easily keep track of your consumption, and your subscription comes with access to certified dietitians.

$99 for one month, baze.com

The resolution: I will be more active

The gift (splurge): Echelon Connect Bike


When it comes to working out at home, cardio machines can often turn into clothes hangers. Sometimes you just need someone telling you what to do and when to do it to get you going. Interactive Echelon Connect Bikes are a great tool to help achieve your fitness goals. They have essentially the same features as the popular Peloton bikes but at a more affordable price point. Right now, many options come with an iPad Air to make it easy to stream classes or join live rides with instructors and other virtual riders.

Starting at $838, echelonfit.com

The gift (budget): Glyder's High Power Leggings 


There's nothing like a new piece of workout gear to get you in the mood for hitting the trail or going to yoga class. Glyder's High Power Leggings are cute and functional. They have a four-inch waistband to help you feel confident that everything will stay in place, and the thick wicking material will keep you warm outside but comfortable inside. 

The resolution: I will get more sleep

The gift (splurge): Lunya washable silk pajamas


Pajamas don't necessarily equate to more or better sleep, but this bestselling silk PJ set from Lunya may entice you to retire to the sheets a bit earlier. Their comfort and softness  will leave your skin feeling loved. Happy Valentine's Day to you, skin! 

$178, lunya.com

The gift (budget): Tranquility weighted blanket


If you're up in the air about the weighted blanket trend and don't want to invest the money in an expensive one just yet, Tranquility is an affordable option available at most major retailers. This temperature-balancing blanket comes with a washable cover in various weights. The standard weight recommendation is ten percent of your body weight, but if you're at all claustrophobic or generally not much of a blanket person, you should round down.

The resolution: I will drink more water

The gift: Hydro Flask Trail Series Lightweight Bottle


Hydroflask has become synonymous with healthy hydration, and now the team has launched lightweight flasks that will keep the water flowing without weighing you down. The Trail Series Lightweight Bottle is 25 percent lighter than (but just as durable as) its flask counterpart, meaning the bottle will hold up to heavy use without getting heavy. Win-win! For even more hydration encouragement, throw in a set of stainless steel straws. Straws tend to help you drink more quickly, thus helping you hit your goal for the day.

The resolution: I will be more organized 

The gift (splurge): Pond Los Angeles Transform Tote


Your classic tote just got an upgrade. Pond Los Angeles has beautifully crafted the Transform Tote with the ultimate minimalistic but highly organized interior and an elegant exterior. Everything you need to pack has a designated place (and if it doesn't, it might be time for a clean-out). A favorite feature is the removable straps that can make the tote into a backpack or over-the-shoulder purse.

The gift (budget): Uncommon Goods magnetic notebook


If you journal or fancy yourself a list-maker, odds are good your notebook has felt a bit out of order at one point or another. (Who hasn't flipped to a random page to jot a note only to come across it way later and deeply regret the decision?) This magnetic notebook from Uncommon Goods lets you "tear out" the pages and move them to another spot. Genius. 

The resolution: I will travel more

The gift (splurge): Kipling small carry-on


If you want to hop on that plane more this year, it's essential you have a good piece of luggage. This bright yellow hardshell carry-on from Kipling will get you through all your trips. It's got three zippered compartments and lockable straps inside to make packing a breeze. Add to that the 360 degree wheels, a TSA-approved lock, and a self-retracting handle, and you've found yourself a suitcase that will work for you—not against you.

The gift (budget): Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones


Wireless headphones are a must for travel. A good pair can keep all the sounds you don't want out and all the ones you do want in, so it's worth investing in a nice set, like these Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones. They cancel out noise while using real-time audio calibration to keep music clear and crisp, giving you the optimal music-listening (and traveling) experience.

The resolution: I will be one with nature

The gift (splurge): Elevenate Agile Jacket


Getting outside when it's cold can be hard, and these days, it seems like it's cold half the year. With the right gear, though, nothing can't stop your time in nature from being enjoyable. Elevenate designed the goose down Agile Jacket to give you all the warmth you could need on a winter day without any of the bulk, which means you can wear this all day every day without ever feeling restricted. With wind and waterproofing material, this jacket can take on some pretty harsh conditions. 

The gift (budget): Huffy Hyde Park 7-Speed Comfort Bike


Take connecting with nature one step (or pedal) further by incorporating more biking into your daily routine. The Huffy Hyde Park Women's 7-Speed Comfort Bike will make you want to do just that. This stylish ride can handle various terrains and keep you comfortable through them all. Make this your new commute to work, and you've got a hobby that's good for the soul and the environment!