These five fancy cocktails help you have a spirited Valentine's Day.


Strawberry Lemonade Spritz


This light spritz is both refreshing and decadent when you pair each sip with a bite of a chocolate strawberry. We recommend using Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Company's Strawberry Lemonade because it's made with only four ingredients—strawberries, lemons, water, and pure cane sugar—and pairs perfectly with the vanilla vodka and bubbles.

Recipe: Try Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Company's Strawberry Lemonade Spritz

The Uvas Shuffle

Uvas Shuffle_Banty

A refreshing vodka cocktail with a deep-red hue, the Uvas Shuffle is one of the many ingenious drinks available at The Banty Rooster, an American restaurant with Southwestern influences located in New York City's West Village. Made with vodka, lemon, and muddled uvas (grapes in Spanish), this unique drink is crisp, light, flavorful, and the perfect shade for your Valentine's Day celebration.

Recipe: Try The Banty Rooster's Uvas Shuffle

Blue Thai

Blue Thai _Electric Lemon

This vibrant pink cocktail from New York's Electric Lemon restaurant mixes blueberries with Thai basil for a crisp, balanced drink with complex herbaceous notes.

Recipe: Try Electric Lemon's Blue Thai

Cold Black Heart


For all the singles out there boycotting Valentine's Day, the Cold Black Heart—a cocktail from seasonal pop-up bar Love Sucks at the Noelle Hotel in Nashville—is the drink for you. 

Recipe: Try Love Sucks Pop-Up Bar's Cold Black Heart

Courtly Love

Courtly Love 1
Credit: Courtesy of Ace Hotel Chicago

The mixologists at Ace Hotel Chicago's City Mouse restaurant wanted to make a bubbly Valentine's cocktail with a deep, rich color, so they turned to the Kir Royale for inspiration. This cocktail, inspired by the saint of courtly love, St. Valentine, uses Alessio Bianco vermouth as the base and crème de cassis for a sweet berry component. 

Recipe: Try City Mouse's Courtly Love