Twists on Baked Wings Recipes

Take your favorite game-day snack to crispy, crunchy, spicy, sweet, herby or cheesy new heights. These recipes go waaaayyy beyond Buffalo.

Basic Baked Wings

Start here! All of these great wings begin with this easy baked recipe, then get a major flavor infusion with any of the following combos.

Chipolte-Orange Baked Wings

Chipotle-Orange Baked Wings

Cherry-Lime Baked Wings

Cherry-Lime Baked Wings

Smokin' Hot Baked Wings

Smokin’ Hot Baked Wings

Pepperoni Pizza Baked Wings

Pepperoni Pizza Baked Wings

Teriyaki-Ginger Baked Wings

Teriyaki-Ginger Baked Wings

Greek-to-Me Baked Wings

Greek-to-Me Baked Wings

Pomegranate-Coriander Baked Wings

Pomegranate-Coriander Baked Wings

Peppery Pesto Baked Wings

Peppery Pesto Baked Wings

Beer and Pretzels Baked Wings

Beer & Pretzels Baked Wings

Curry-Chutney Baked Wings

Curry-Chutney Baked Wings

Take a Dip!

Sun-Dried Tomato Mayo

Sun-Dried Tomato Mayo

Hot Honey Mustard

Hot Honey Mustard

Curried Mayo

Curried Mayo