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TWISTS ON A DISH: Baked Potatoes

Piled so high you can barely see the spud, these eight fresh takes on the stuffed baked potato are the ultimate comfort food—no matter what comforts you.
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stuffed baked potatoes
chicken tikka baked potato

Try our Chicken Tikka Baked Potatoes

chicken potpie baked potato

Try our Chicken Potpie Baked Potatoes

chili cheese fries baked potato

Try our Chili Cheese Fries Baked Potatoes

kale and crispy garlic chips baked potato

Try our Kale & Crispy Garlic Chips Baked Potatoes

french onion soup baked potato in pan

Try our French Onion Soup Baked Potatoes

swedish meatballs baked potato

Try our Swedish Meatballs Baked Potatoes

spicy breakfast sammie baked potato

Try our Spicy Breakfast "Sammie" Baked Potatoes

frito pie baked potato

Try our Frito Pie Baked Potatoes

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