Sure, Thanksgiving is a time for cooking and eating with family, but it's also a great time for drinking! Sommeliers gave us their recommendations on the perfect wine pairings for every part of your Thanksgiving dinner.



persian-style roast turkey with pomegranate-walnut gravy
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"Scala Dei Garnatxa pairs well with a roasted turkey. The balanced fruit qualities complement the meaty/savory notes of turkey. Acidity of the wine will cut through the savory gravy. This wine is bursting with notes of red fruit that would go very well with the cranberry sauce. It's a great wine that can complement each element of your Thanksgiving's star dish." – Matthew Kaner, sommelier at Augustine Wine Bar in Los Angeles ($17 on


Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes
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"For mashed potatoes or dumplings in gravy, I would suggest a full-bodied and generous white such as a white Rioja (Spain). The beautiful Marqués de Murrieta Capellanía 2010 is both creamy and nutty, and will perfectly accompany your Thanksgiving potatoes." – Kimberly Milburn, sommelier at Bowery Meat Co. in New York City ($30 on


Apple-and-Date Stuffing
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"9 Lives Reserve Sauvignon Blanc – the Chilean Sauvignon Blanc brings a grassiness that pairs with an herbaceous stuffing very well. It's light and easy drinking – just as your stuffing should be." – Kaner ($9.50 on

Brussels Sprouts & Greens
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"A really lovely Pinot Noir will dance well with your brussels sprouts, beans, or greens, especially if you prepare them with pork or bacon. The 1865 Single Vineyard Pinot Noir from Chile is light, silky, and elegant with red berries and spice. It's a great value as well so you can enjoy multiple bottles." – Milburn ($24 on

Pumpkin Pie

deep-dish pumpkin pie
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"For each bite of pumpkin pie, I want a fruity wine that doesn't have sweetness. I would choose the Domaine Anderson Pinot Noir. It has a classic fruit quality and delicate acid (the reason your mouth waters when you drink wine) to help wash down the pie." – Kaner ($35 on


pouring red wine
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"A good option for some pre-dinner drinking would be Anna de Codorníu Brut Rose Cava. It's the perfect aperitif and priced within everyone's budget." – Kaner ($13.50 on