Turns out, all that juicy turkey, creamy mashed potatoes and fresh veggies you made for Thanksgiving can make for even better post-Turkey Day dinners! Try our recipes to transform your leftovers into a new family-friendly dish.


Get-Fit Tetrazzini

Makeover this classic recipe with our slimmed-down version. It's just as satisfying but uses whole grains and goes creamy the healthy way.

Get-Fit Tetrazzini

Mashed-Potato-Stuffed Chicken

Turn chicken breasts into a meal with mashed-potato stuffing.

Turkey Wrap with Cucumber Cream Cheese

The kids' lunch just got easier. Put your leftover turkey in a wrap with our special cucumber cream cheese sauce.

Bayou Turkey-Barley Chowder

Don't let your turkey get dried out in the fridge -- keep it juicy in this veggie filled soup.

Turkey Monte Cristos

Serve this super same with leftover cranberry sauce. The tartness will cut into the cheese and meat in the most satisfying way, ever.

Stuffing-Stuffed Mushrooms

Pick up a few shrooms and and pack 'em with stuffing. Keep it juicy by drizzling on some extra virgin olive oil.

Stuffing-Stuffed Mushrooms

Turkey Suizas Casserole

Turn your turkey into a cheesy casserole. Top the meat with a scrumptious sauce filled with poblanos, honey and lime juice. It's a crowd-pleaser.

Turkey Samosas

It's a 3 for one! Mash together your leftover turkey, pumpkin pie filling and mashed potatoes and bake for 25 mins for these spiced samoas creations.

Mini Turkey and Egg Casseroles

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, enjoy these personal mini casseroles packed with protein from your leftover turkey and cheesy goodness.

Turkey and Black Bean Tostadas

Give these tostadas a turkey filling with your leftover bird. It's a super quick dinner (just what you need after the holiday).

Turkey Quesadilla Suiza

Transform a traditional Thanksgiving dinner into an international appetizer for all.

Buffalo Turkey Cobb Salad

Satisfy your need for heat in this buffalo infused fresh turkey salad.

Buffalo Turkey Cobb Salad

BLT Turkey Risotto

Take your risotto to the next level with this full meal dish. If you want to get even more use of your leftovers, stir in any leftover mashed sweet potatoes along with the butter.

Turkey-Tortilla Casserole

This is great if you've got a lot of big chunks of turkey leftover. For an extra kick, add spicy chorizo to the casserole.

Turkey-Tortilla Casserole

Smoked Turkey Panini

Pair pieces of your leftover turkey with smoked Gouda cheese and grill to perfection in a grill pan or a panini press for a simple but delicious lunch.

Smoked Turkey Panini

Turkey Tetrazzini: Take 2!

Frozen creamed spinach makes this casserole a cinch to whip up. Top it off with bread crumbs and cheese and it'll take just like mom's.

Turkey Cordon Bleu Crisp

Tip: Microwave 1/4 cup leftover cranberry sauce with 1 tablespoon water until melted, then toss with the turkey before assembling the flats.

Stuffing Squares

Turn your leftover stuffing into handheld snacks or an easy post-Thanksgiving side dish with dinner.

Keep It Simple

Make weeknights easier with Rach's favorite 30-Minute Meal recipes. The kids' will love them, too!