Maybe you're not cooking for a crowd this year—and that's okay. We rounded up the most delicious holiday meals that are suitable for small groups, all thanks to Pinterest.


Bunny Butt Pancakes

bunny pancakes

Make Easter morning extra adorable with this simple and sweet recipe. Use any pancake mix you like and cut it to fit your needed serving size. Feel free to get creative—you could design flapjack ears, blueberry-banana eyes, or a yogurt and coconut tail. Hop to it!

Recipe: Try Cooking with Carlee's Bunny Butt Pancakes

Blueberry & Lemon Hot Cross Buns


The traditional recipe turns modern with zingy lemon zest and sweet dried blueberries. It's made in a loaf pan, so you won't have to deal with any leftovers going stale.

Recipe: Try Seasons & Suppers' Hot Cross Buns

Colored Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs

Pastel-ify your basic deviled eggs by dipping them in a water, white vinegar, and food coloring combination that's totally safe to eat. It's an A+ way to curb the kiddos' boredom, and you can make as many or few as you want!

Recipe: Try Smart School House's Deviled Eggs

One Hour Easter Dinner


A sheet-pan Easter dinner for four—genius! The star of the show is pineapple brown sugar ham, but the recipe also includes cheesy potatoes, parmesan asparagus, and honey-butter carrots. Everything you love about Easter, just on a smaller (easier) scale. 

Recipe: Try Chelsea's Messy Apron's Easter Dinner

Asparagus Ricotta Tarts with Honey Lemon Sauce


With a yield of just six tarts, this puff pastry recipe is an easy appetizer or side dish. The sweet-and-sour honey lemon drizzle really takes the flavor to the next level. 

Recipe: Try Some the Wiser's Asparagus Tarts

Mini Egg Oatmeal Cookies

oatmeal cookies

This small batch yields roughly 12 standard-sized cookies—and they look just like bird nests. Your Instagram grid gets an on-theme springy addition, and your Easter menu gets a cozy, chocolatey treat. Win-win!

Recipe: Try The Beader Chef's Mini Egg Oatmeal Cookies

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

carrot cupcakes

How cute are these!? The recipe yields just four cupcakes, but if you want more, make the baby chick ones, too, for a full-fledged Easter scene. 

Recipe: Try Bigger Bolder Baking's Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Small-Batch Easter Cookies

easter cookies

Keep little hands busy with this beautiful half-batch of egg-shaped sugar cookies. The recipe yields about eight cookies, so it's perfect for a small group (or single person...). If you have pretty pastel sprinkles, feel free to use them liberally.

Recipe: Try Hummingbird High's Easter Cookies


Perfect Matzo Brei


Passover seders may not be celebrated in the morning, but if you're keeping Passover throughout the week, you'll need some top-notch breakfast options. This fried matzo recipe can be customized any way you want—make it sweet with vanilla, applesauce, fruit, and cinnamon, or go savory with cheese and veggies.

Recipe: Try Mother Would Know's Matzo Brei

Traditional Charoset


This dish calls for six apples, but you can easily cut that in half for a smaller portion. You probably won't want to, though—this apple-walnut-wine slaw is so mouth-watering, you'll be eating it straight from the bowl.

Recipe: Try Lexi's Clean Kitchen's Charoset

Chicken Schnitzel


Brisket is a Passover classic, but if you're not feeding a crowd, you might want your main dish in smaller proportions. This chicken recipe, which serves about four people, is coated in matzo meal, making it kosher for Passover and uniquely delicious.

Recipe: Try Tori Avery's Chicken Schnitzel

Matzo Ball Soup


This from-scratch soup recipe may sound complicated, but it's worth it for the tasty final product. It'll yield about five cups of soup, with three matzo balls each—perfect for a four- or five-person Passover seder!

Recipe: Try Budget Bytes' Matzo Ball Soup

Tzimmes with Tahini Pesto & Pomegranate


This mix of carrots, potatoes, and sweet potatoes is the perfect addition to your meal, especially with the Mediterranean-inspired topping. Pro-tip: You can make the pesto up to three days before eating!

Recipe: Try What Jew Wanna Eat's Tzimmes with Pesto

Potato Kugel Cups


Regular kugel isn't kosher for Passover—it uses noodles—but this mini-version of potato kugel is easy to make for a small seder. There are only six ingredients, and depending on how you size them, you can make four, five, or six kugel cups.

Recipe: Try Jamie Geller's Kugel Cups

Small-Batch Matzo Crunch


You only need a sheet of matzo, butter, brown sugar, chocolate, and nuts to make this addictive toffee-like snack. The recipe technically makes eight servings, but we promise everyone's going to want more than just one "serving."

Recipe: Try Cookie Madness' Matzo Crunch

Funfetti Macaroons


These sprinkle-laden macaroons are stuffed with shredded coconut, making them gluten-free and perfect for Passover. P.S.—Molly Yeh made her brisket hotdish and chocolate-tahini macaroons for us, and they're still a super delicious idea.

Recipe: Try Molly Yeh's Funfetti Macaroons