Loaded with veggies and packed with flavor, these dishes are more than just meat and potatoes.


Rachael Ray's Royal Shepherd's Pie

Royal Shepherds Pie
Credit: Photography by Kate Mathis

"I have no idea how they make a Shepherd's Pie at Windsor Castle, but I'm raising the bar with this elevated version of the classic." —Rach

Recipe: Try Rachael's Royal Shepherd's Pie

Sweet Potato & Red Curry Shepherd’s Pie

Sweet Potato & Red Curry Shepherd’s Pie
Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

Need to repurpose last night's chicken dish? Shred it, add some red Thai curry paste, and cook it up with your choice of mixed veggies. Top it all off with a dollop (or heaping) of sweet potato mash and cook 'til hot and bubbly.a

Indian-Spiced Mini Shepherd's Pies

Indian-Spiced Mini Shepherd's Pies

Instead of meat, this recipe uses lentils flavored with fresh ginger and garam masala, while the potatoes get creamy with the help of yogurt rather than sour cream. You'll polish off at least two mini pies before even noticing the healthier choices.

Horseradish-Mashed-Potato Shepherd's Pie

Horseradish-Mashed-Potato Shepherds Pie

If regular shepherd's pie is too bland for you, spice it up by mixing horseradish into the mashed potatoes. Keep everything else simple to balance the zingy addition.

Mini Shepherd's Pies

Mini Shepherd's Pies

The secret ingredient in these particular pies? Parsnips cooked with potatoes and French onion soup flavoring the beef.

Recipe: Try our Mini Shepherd's Pies

Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie

sweet potato shepherd's pie

This dish switches standard ground beef for pork and adds a splash of white wine to make things interesting. Taking an extra few minutes to toast the paprika and cumin gives the dish a whole new dimension of mouth-watering flavor.

Turkey Sweet-Potato Shepherd's Pie

turkey-sweet potato shepherds pie

An extra-intensive but more heart-healthy version of shepherd's pie, this recipe includes mashed bananas with the sweet potatoes and forgoes beef for leaner poultry. We don't skimp on flavor, though—chicken broth, Worcestershire sauce, and a dash of hot pepper sauce pack a punch.

Shepherd's Pie

shepherd's pie

Basic might be best, but this recipe is by no means plain. It entails beef short ribs cooked with rosemary and red wine, topped with full-out indulgent mashed potatoes (with tons of heavy cream and butter). Are you drooling yet? 

Recipe: Try our Shepherd's Pie

Ground Turkey Shepherd's Pie

ground turkey shepherd's pie

Don't assume the meat will be flavorless just because it's poultry. This pie may use ground turkey, but it also calls for cooking said turkey with crispy, juicy bits of bacon.

Double-Decker Shepherd's Pie

Double-Decker Shepherd's Pie

For shepherd's pie fans that are more about the potatoes than the meat, this recipe is all about the spuds. With mushrooms and poblano chiles rather than the typical carrots and peas, it's also a fresh take on plain pie.

Sweet Potato-Topped Shepherd's Pie

sweet potato-topped shepherds pie

Dark beer and dijon mustard make a hearty meal even more satisfying, but the lighter sweet potatoes balance the flavor so it doesn't overload your taste buds.

Vegetable Shepherd's "Pies"

Vegetable Shepherds

Vegetarians don't have to miss out on the shepherd's pie fun! Even better, the meatless mixture and red-skinned potatoes are delicious enough for anyone to enjoy.

Moussaka-Style Shepherd's Pie

moussaka style shepherds pie

Shepherd's pie gets fancy with the addition of eggplant, cinnamon, and melty Gruyere. You'll never go back to the regular recipe.