You already know salads are good for you, and that one big salad every day could make an impact on your day-to-day health. But if the thought of having a salad every day is leaving you feeling kind of blah, it's time to rethink your strategy. Salads can be so much more than your go-to tomato-cucumber-ranch combo. Once you start varying textures, temperatures, proteins and flavor profiles, your greens will be anything but boring. Check out Rach's summer-y dinner salads from our June 2016 issue, which are full of flavor and won't leave you hungry -- we promise!

Sicilian Panzanella

Bet you've never had a salad quite like this before! This grilled salad is jam-packed with flavor and is great for people who don't love chopping and tossing. Just slice a head of romaine lengthwise and you've got a perfect portion.

roasted chickpea salad

Even vegetarian salads can be super hearty and satisfying. The chickpeas in this salad add tons of protein, while tahini is a great way to get a rich, creamy dressing without any of the guilt.

Check out the rest of Rachael's 30-minute meal salads in our June 2016 issue, on newsstands now!