Food tastes best when made with love. So when you need a recipe for romance, cook as a couple! Make a two-cook kitchen work with these tips from three chef couples from hot restaurants around the country, plus our favorite recipes to make on date night.


Made for Each Other

Gabrielle Quinonez Denton and Greg Denton, chef-owners of Ox restaurant, Portland, OR go all out on date night! One person is the chef, and the other takes a supporting role. It helps them not step on each other's toes, literally and figuratively! If they can't agree, they each cook a dish, then decide which one wins. At home, they turn on some music, put on your slippers and open a bottle of wine, so making dinner doesn't feel like work! 

Gabrielle and Greg cooking couple in aprons
Credit: Photography by Young + Hungry

Roasted Onions & Beets

The meal they love to make is Roasted Onions & Buttered Beets with Blue Cheese. This dish is inspired by a trip they took to Europe. They rented a cottage in a Provencal vineyard, picked up produce and cheese at a farmers' market, then roasted the onions in the fireplace, using grapevine clippings for firewood.

Crunchy walnuts contrast with the smooth roasted beets and creamy blue cheese.

roasted onions with buttered beets and blue cheese
Credit: Photography by Young + Hungry

Perfect Pair

Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier, Chef-Owners of Arrows and McPerkins Cove restaurants, Ogunquit, ME would rather stay in watching the news and making a meal than go out! They like to see what looks good at the market and plan the meal from there. Shopping together and getting excited about the ingredients is half the fun. When they cook together they have two cutting boards and two sharp knives, so they don't end up competing for one tool. They recommend being mindful of sharing the kitchen space, but laugh about it when you both end up in the same corner!

Mark and Clark cooking couple
Credit: Photography by Young + Hungry

Roasted Salmon

The meal they love to make is Roasted Salmon with Mom's Sauce, String Beans and Pine Nuts. A few months into dating, Clark invited Mark to his parents' home for Memorial Day. His parents and him hit it off immediately, but he was horrified when he realized they were having salmon for dinner. There weren't many foods he disliked, but salmon was one of them. He planned to take small bites and wash them down quickly with red wine! But to his my surprise, Clark's mom's version was tender, flavorful and far from fishy. Mark knew this was the beginning of a good relationship!

A smoky and sweet mixture of brown sugar, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce caramelizes as it roasts.

roasted salmon with mom's sauce, string beans, and pine nuts
Credit: Photography by Young + Hungry

Three's Company

Liz Pruiett and Chad Robertso, Chefs, Bakers and Co-Owners of Tartine and Bar Tartine, San Francisco, CA spend most of their "couple time" with their daughter, Archer, who is 5 years old, and loves to cook, too. But Chad and Liz will sometimes add a little something extra to their dishes that's just for them -- like chiles, which they'll leave out of Archer's dish, since she doesn't like spicy food. To keep home cooking as uncomplicated as possible so that you'll do it often they recommend building a meal around something you have on hand or from the market, like a great loaf of bread or delicious chicken.

Liz and Chad cooking couple on the beach
Credit: Photography by Young + Hungry

Hominy & Jalapeno Chicken Soup

The meal they love to make is Hominy & Jalapeno Chicken Soup. Chad's a surfer, and in San Francisco you never know when the good waves will strike. So he'll find a way to make it to the beach whenever that is. But because they don't want to miss family time, they'll grab a blanket and some spoons and bring a thermos of this spicy chicken soup to enjoy together after. It's one of their favorite rituals.

Set out herbs, chiles and sour cream so you can each customize your bowl to your taste.

hominy jalapeno chicken soup
Credit: Photography by Young + Hungry

How to Cook a Steak

If you and your partner enjoy big juicy steaks, then save money by skipping the steakhouse and cooking at home. Our easy technique shows you a simple trick for testing steak temperature when cooking, so your meat will be done exactly as you like it. 

Homemade Pasta Night

When cooking together, draw on inspiration from your relationship. For example, if you've just come back from an Italian vacation, roll out and shape fresh pasta together while reminiscing about your trip.

fresh homemade pasta on wooden table
Credit: Photography by Christopher Testani

How to Cook Lobster Tails

Lobster tails make any meal special. Watch our how-to video to learn how to grill lobster tails to bring out the natural sweetness of the meat.

Rachael's Recipe for John

"Carbonara with Saffon is the meal John requests every birthday and at least once a month in between. The saffron stock version is the latest and, I think, the last -- he's so hooked on it he won't let it be messed with any further," Rachael says.

carbonara with saffron
Credit: Photography by Andrew Purcell

How to Make Hand Roll Sushi

Go outside of your comfort zone! Try rolling up sushi with your honey. Watch our how-to video to learn how. Start with something simple, then gradually make your rolls more complicated.

Little Lamb Dippers

These Little Lamb Dippers can be ready in under 15 minutes. Jazz up the sauce with some of your favorite ingredients like barbeque sauce or chili peppers. The best part about this entrée is that you can eat them with your hands!

little lamb dippers
Credit: Photography by Kate Sears

Dinner for Two

It's no secret women adore men who cook. So we've put together a delectable and -- more importantly -- foolproof menu for any man. Our no-fail plan including mood music, Rosemary-Crusted Rack of Lamb with Roasted Fennel and Red Onions will guarantee a fabulous date night.

couple chopping vegetables together
Credit: Photography by Ben Fink

How to Make Dumplings

Since dumplings must be made individually and by hand, you and your partner can make each one with a lot of love. Watch this video to learn how to make dumplings at home.

Valentine's Day Dinner

Whip up a Valentine's Day tasting menu for two that has love written all over it. From an appetizer of Romaine Sweet Hearts to a main dish of Maine Squeeze Lobster Skewers, you'll be enjoying your romantic dinner at home all the way to the sweet finish of Caramel Baby Cakes and Scotch Buttercups.

scotch buttercup drink
Credit: Photography by Marcus Nilsson

Mussels in a Spicy Broth

Spice up date night with our Mussels in a Spicy Broth. All you'll need is a nice bottle of wine and a crusty baguette for your meal to be complete.

mussels in spicy broth
Credit: Photography by Dan Roberts

Pizza Night

Make date night more hands on by making your own pizza dough. Since the dough takes some time to proof, relax or play a game while you wait.

perfect pizza dough
Credit: Photography by Romulo Yanes

How to Make Chocolate Fondue

Who doesn't like melted chocolate? Chocolate fondue is the perfect ending to any meal. Learn how to make it in our how-to video!

More Dessert Fondues

Now that you know how to make the classic, try one of our five more sinfully delicious fondue dessert recipes. From Dark Chocolate to Peanut-Butterscotch, you'll have fun dipping all the way through dessert.

pretzel in chocolate fondue
Credit: Photograph by Ngoc Minh Ngo

Strawberry Marshmallow & Cracker Cake

If your sweetie isn't a chocolate lover, whip up this Strawberry Marshmallow & Cracker Cake from Chef Christina Tosi instead.

strawberry marshmallow and cracker cake
Credit: Photography by Tom Schierlitz

How to Make Chocolate Truffles

Instead of buying a box of chocolates for your partner, make truffles for them from scratch. Watch the video and learn how to make homemade truffles.

Molten Chocolate-Mint Cakes

This show-stopping dessert -- Molten Chocolate-Mint Cakes -- is guaranteed to impress. Make it when you want to end your meal on a sweet and minty note.

molton chocolate mint cakes
Credit: Photography by Lucas Zarebinski

Cooking-Class Dinner Party

Once you've mastered cooking as a couple, it's time to throw a dinner party! Try this Cooking-Class Dinner Party designed by Iron Chef Michael Symon and his wife, Liz. 

guests with drinks at dinner party
Credit: Photography by Max Kim-Bee

Short on Time?

Don't let a time crunch ruin your plans. Whip up one of Rachael's 30-Minute Meals on date night. All these recipes will make your sweetie happy.

spanish stewed chicken thighs
Credit: photography by John Kernick