Have you ever stared into your fridge (for what seems like hours) feeling uninspired by its contents? You see a smorgasbord of produce, dairy and condiments but can't figure out how to make a cohesive meal out of what you have left? We've been there too, but the good news is that there's hope! Whether you're stuck with a bunch of herbs from that sauce you tried to make from scratch, a half-bottle of wine that didn't get drunk or just some eggs that are about to hit their sell-by date, there are plenty of ways to use up these ingredients in creative and delicious ways. Here are some to try this week.


Got an open jar of marinara? Throw it into thisSpicy Egg Bakewith any extra eggs you have. It's the perfect B-L-D!


Spinach, Dill & Gruyere Stratawill put eggs, day-old bread and herbs to good use. No gruyere? No problem! Throw in whatever cheese you have in your cheese drawer.

Speaking of herbs, combine any extras you have into a super simple Herb-Garden Pasta.


Or if you're feeling a bit more ambitious, whip up these Cheesy Herb Muffins


Does anyone actually ever go through the whole container of sour cream on taco night? It makes a fabulous condiment on top of Sweet Potato Latkes


We'd consider it a culinary sin to dump a perfectly usable bottle of wine down the sink. Instead, make yourself a fancy--yet super simple--dessert of Spiced Wine Poached Pears (it works great with apples, too!)

And for those nights when you're not feeling motivated, take that extra stick of butter, brown it in a skillet, drizzle it over frozen ravioli and voila! Dinner is served.