The weather report is calling for subzero windchills for the umpteenth day in a row. No. Thank. You. What you need is an indoor day! Slide into your robe and slippers and settle in.

By Rachael Ray Every Day Staff
February 21, 2017
cherry almond dutch baby
Photography by Aaron Dryer
| Credit: Photography by Aaron Dryer

Dutch babies are great big pancakes that look as billowy as that pillow you just lifted your head from, and taste like a sweet, fluffy, egg-y bite of heaven.

classic hot chocolate
Credit: Photography by Aaron Dyer

Curl up with something warm and chocolaty (and, if you're into it, spiked).

five ingredient cider braised pork ragu
Credit: Photography by Aaron Dryer

Make some serious comfort food—without spending a serious amount of time in the kitchen! These recipes yield maximum satisfaction for minimum effort.

Bowl of Popcorn
Credit: Photography by Aaron Dryer

You could have microwave popcorn at the press of a button, but stovetop popcorn is a lot more fun to make—and endlessly customizable. 

Recipes by Charles Grayauskie, Cecily McAndrews, Janet Taylor McCracken and Renae Wilson