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Pescatarian Weeknight Dinner Planner
Fish is a super-healthy protein source (your brain and heart will thank you for all the Omega-3 fatty acids), and paired with these veggie-forward meals, a great healthy red meat alternative. Even if you're not a pescatarian, soak up some of the health benefits of eating like one this week!
Pizza Weeknight Meal Planner
In the spirit of New York's virtual Pizza Festival this week, we've got five of our favorite pizza recipes to make at home.
Slow-Cooker Weeknight Dinners for Spring
Don't clear off the crock pot's place on your kitchen counter quite yet! While the season of warm and hearty stews may be winding down, these slow-cooker dinner recipes work well into the warmer months. Throw the ingredients in the
Spring Reset Weeknight Dinner Planner
Shake off the cold weather and say hello to the sunshine with veg-forward recipes getting us excited for fresh, in-season produce. Let the defrost commence!

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Adult- & Kid-Friendly Weeknight Dinners
You can't go wrong with easy, cheesy, comforting meals inspired by kiddie classics.
Fresh & Cozy Winter Weeknight Salads
If you're looking to add more greens (and purples and oranges) to your weeknights, these light yet filling winter salads are a great place to start.
Meat-Free Weeknight Dinners for Fall

Autumn's known for its bountiful harvest. Make the most of the season's fresh produce this week with veggie-forward dishes.