30-Minute Meals

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Spiced Pumpkin & Vegetable Soup
"Sorry, I will get a lot of haters, but I have never been a fan of pumpkin lattes. No pumpkin in my drink! But I am a "pumpkin head" and I look forward all year to cooking with it." —Rach
Charred Cast-Iron Spiced Cabbage & Turkey with Harissa Butter
"Any harissa paste is fine here, but the added floral boost from the rose harissa is terrific." —Rach
Turkey with Orzo Pilaf, Pine Nuts & Gremolata
"This orzo dish is great as a vegetarian meal with the Greek-Style Beans & Tomatoes. For a real feast, serve with a Pot of Winter Greens as well." —Rach
Cheesy Polenta with Sausage, Fennel & Onions
"If you've ever had grits and liked them, you'll like polenta. If you like corn, you'll like polenta. If you like soft, velvety dishes like risotto, you'll like polenta." —Rach
Hearty Farro Pasta with Tuscan Kale & Walnuts
Farro, an ancient grain, is packed with fiber and makes for a great wheat pasta or rice alternative. Drench it all in white wine sauce. Dinner, done!
Pumpkin Risotto with Ginger, Sage & Brown Butter
Our favorite flavors and spices of the fall season, together under one lid! Top this irresistibly creamy, brown butter risotto with crispy sage and toasted seeds for an extra pumpkin kick. And if you don't have time to roast your squash, the canned version works, too!

More 30-Minute Meals

'Nduja & Corn Orecchiette with Pistachio Pesto
"The sugary sweetness of corn balances well with 'nduja's spiciness."—Rach
'Nduja, Eggplant & Cherry Tomato Pasta
"This is a smokier, spicier, more savory twist on classic pasta alla Norma."—Rach

Steak Niçoise Salad

"This one's for my sister, Maria, who loves French cuisine but will not eat fish: a tuna Niçoise minus the tuna!" —Rach