Cozy up with Rachael Ray's comforting and delicious winter dishes from her book, My Year in Meals. These recipes are perfect for the crazy busy month of December, whether you're cooking dinner for your family or a feast for a holiday party.

Winter Dishes

"The way we eat says a lot about who we are. When I was chronicling every morsel I cooked for my book, My Year in Meals, I realized that the dishes I made last winter were some of the most comforting, meaningful and delicious I ate all year. So, pull up a chair to my table and let's dish down memory lane." --Rachael Ray

Soup Night!

"It's the season for soup, and this Pasta & Escarole Soup is one of my go-to supper," Rachael says. Keep it causual: Rach loves to snuggle on the couch with John as she slurps this soup.

Pasta & Escarole Soup

Curry in a Hurry

"This Chicken Curry is a big bowl of comfort and one of my mom's favorite winter dinners. She sprinkles toasted coconut on top for crunch and a touch of sweetness. I like to serve it with rice pilaf to soak up all that saucy goodness," Rachael says.

Chicken Curry

Prime Time

"I could eat this Breakfast Chorizo and Eggs recipe for breakfast, lunch and dinner -- it's that good! On cold nights, I add some refried beans and tortillas on the side to make it extra-hearty for John and me," Rachael says.

breakfast chorizo & eggs

Saucy Shrimp

"I always look forward to cooking my family's favorite dishes for our big holiday meals. But funnily enough, my mom doesn't really care for a lot of seafood! John and I eat pretty much everything, but she only likes shrimp, crab, anchovies and flaky whitefish," Rachael says. Their compromise: they eat Shrimp with Chile-Lemon Butter on Christmas Eve!

shrimp with chile-lemon butter

All in the Family

"Grandpa Emmanuel's Stuffed Artichokes appear starlike, which is what makes them so nice for the holidays. And they are delicious at room temperature, so you can make them ahead and they'll be ready whenever you are. Anytime you serve artichokes, be sure to place small dishes on the table to collect the leaves," Rachael says.

grandpas stuffed artichokes

Holiday Feast

"We eat seafood on Christmas Eve, but all bets are off after midnight mass! You can't fit another meat in the pot of my Christmas Pasta. I make it the day before because it only gets better and better the more it's reheated," Rachael says.

Christmas Pasta

Party App

"One time John and I threw a Mexican-themed fiesta for our friends and family, and I served a few dishes at a time over several hours. The party-perfect Bean Dip Nachos were one of our favorites!" Rachael says.

Bean Dip Nachos

Spicy Snack

These spicy Jalapeno Peppers are always a crowd pleaser. "For our New Year's Eve party, the food was a motivator to stay awake! It was a great way to say olé to New Year's Day!" Rachael says.

Jalapeno Poppers

Party On!

Find more party-perfect foods that'll have your guests asking for seconds.