Burgers are one of my favorite things to eat: They're causal, comfortable and infinitely customizable! Check out my autumn Burgers of the Month from the past few years.

Turkey Cheeseburgers with Cranberry Creme Fraiche (November 2017)

Turkey Cheeseburgers with Cranberry Creme Fraiche
Credit: Photography By Christopher Testani

"Hey, Pilgrim! For Thanksgiving flavors any time of year, try this burger on for size. A one-pound package of ground turkey is enough to make three really big bird-burgers."

Pub Burgers with Hot Beer Cheese on Soft Pretzel Rolls (October 2017)

Pub Burgers with Hot Beer Cheese on Soft Pretzel Rolls
Credit: Photography by Joseph De Leo

"I don't go to pubs as much as I'd like to, but if I did, I'd want to shoot a great game of darts, then sit down with a pint of beer and eat this burger."

Double Cheeseburgers with Special Ranch (September 2017)

double cheeseburgers with special ranch
Credit: Photography by Joseph De Leo

"This double-decker burger with cheese between the patties is John's new favorite. It gives a certain fast-food burger a run for its money!"

The Apple Jack (November 2016)

the apple jack burger

"What started with a long, hard stare into the fridge turned into this completely original, absolutely delicious sweet-and-spicy burger."

Try Rachael Ray's Apple Jack Burger

Carbonara Burgers (October 2016)

carbonara burgers

"The inspiration behind this mash-up? My grandpa ate fried cold spaghetti topped with an egg for breakfast, my husband's favorite pasta is carbonara, and I love burgers!"

Try Rachael Ray's Carbonara Burgers

Celebration Burgers with Harticots Frites (November 2015)

Celebration Burgers with Haricots Frites

"Make these loaded grassfed-beef burgers with a side of harticots frites (green bean fries). Ooh, la la! That's a burger dressed for a party!"

Lamb Burgers with Mint & Parsley Ranch Dressing (October 2015)

Lamb Burgers with Mint & Parsley Ranch Dressing

"The secret to these super buttery burgers? Ricotta mixed into the meat and a dressing that has all the flavors of the mint sauce my mom serves with lamb."

Eat-Your-Greens Burgers with Avocado Ranch Dressing (September 2015)

eat your greens burgers with avocado ranch dressing

"Here's a tasty and easy way to work more dark, leafy greens into your diet: Just mix a bunch of them into your next burger!"

The Super Melt (November 2014)

The Super Melt

"Give this burger a cape! It's a patty melt on steroids: grilled rye bread, two cheeses, onions, sauerkraut and horseradish-spiked beef. You melt me, baby!"

Try Rachael Ray's Super Melt

Greek Feta & Spinach Burgers (October 2014)

Greek Feta & Spinach Burgers

"Spinach, lots of fresh herbs and tangy crumbled feta cheese mixed right into the patty give this juicy burger its Mediterranean flair. Toga optional!" 

Sloppy Lasagna Joes (November 2013)

"I love lasagna, but it can be time consuming. Here's a fun, sloppy sandwich that's layered with all the same delicious flavors—and quick and easy to make."

Try Rachael Ray's Sloppy Lasagna Joes

German-Style Turkey Burgers (October 2013)

German-Style Turkey Burgers

"Celebrate Oktoberfest this month or any day of the year by serving this juicy, delicious turkey burger amped up with the hearty flavors of German potato salad: savory bacon, spicy mustard and tangy sauerkraut. Oompah!"

Try Rachael Ray's German-Style Turkey Burgers

Saltimbocca Burgers (September 2013)

Saltimbocca Burgers

"These sage-scented burgers are topped with crispy prosciutto, and the buns are slathered with a creamy Gorgonzola butter. Need I say more? If you like greens on your burgers, add a bit of wilted fresh spinach to the mix. You'll need a generous handful per burger."

Try Rachael Ray's Saltimbocca Burgers