Christmas Appetizer Hack: Puff Pastry

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Between decorating the tree, crafting the perfect cocktail and making sure the roast doesn't burn, Christmas entertaining can be stressful. One part that shouldn't feel like a chore is making a crowd-pleasing appetizer. This introduction to your party should mimic the vibe: welcoming, easy-going and of course, delicious. And when it comes to making an appetizer that meets all three requirements on top of being a cinch to throw together, our secret weapon is store-bought puff pastry. We love it for its versatility, ease to work with and quick cooking time. These five savory (and one sweet!) puff pastry apps will make you want to have a Christmas party every day of the year!


Asparagus in a Blanket


Cheesy Mushroom Tart


Olive-Almond Puff Pastry Pinwheels


Sesame-Cheddar Twists


Pesto Tartlets


Chocolate Cream Puffs with Cranberry Compote